Funny Clown

A couple of days ago daddy brought the gals out for brunch with the maid whilst I stayed at home to complete some assignments. A friend of daddy’s also joined them for brunch at the coffee shop. Daddy’s friend has a tattoo on his arm and has moustache too. When daddy asked Sherilyn to greet his friend by calling “uncle”, guess what Sherilyn said “halor…. funny clown!” as she giggled. Everyone laughed. Sherilyn is a real joker.

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MSG and Preservative-Free Soya sauce and Oyster Sauce

Some mommies have e-mailed me to ask me what brand of preservative-free and MSG-free oyster sauce and soya sauce I use.

For oyster sauce, I buy the brand Sin Tai Hing. So far, that’s the only brand I know of that’s preservative and MSG-free.

For soya sauce, I use either Kikkoman naturally brewed soya sauce or organic soya sauce.

Both sauces need refrigeration after opening.

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I Hate Messy Beds

One of the many nonsense that I have to tolerate after my 2 angels came along is messy beds. I’ve always hated messy and dirty beds. Before I had kids, I did not like anyone, apart from DH, siting on my bed. My bedroom, especially my bed is my paradise and I’d like it to be clean, neat, smell nice and tidy all the time. But after the gals came along, I’d slowly but surely changed. My tolerance to dirt and mess has improved. Every night, my bed would be messed up with toys, books, nappies, blankies, pillows and pillow and bolster case would be removed, the list goes on. Sometimes, I’d have to sleep on a pee and vomit drenched mattress or pillow. It’s amazing how motherhood has changed me, the fussy pot!

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Aquarium Supplies

DH is into rearing fish and feng shui. Remember I wrote about the nemos in our little fish pond? Well, a handful of the nemos that DH bought 2 weeks back had died. The poor nemos must have died due to exposure to excessive scorching heat during the day. I have asked DH to buy an indoor aquarium instead for the fish.

The other day, whilst I was surfing the internet looking for aquariums, I saw a really cool and classy BiOrb fish tank at It looks like a traditional goldfish bowl but has an unusual, low maintenance filtration system to keep it clean. What I like most about the BiOrb fish tank is that we don’t have to empty the water in the tank and the specialized filtration system is simple to use and requires only changing the catridge. The water remains crystal clear in the fish tank for months between cartridge changes. Fish in the BiOrb tank will enjoy a healthy environment, thus live longer.

DH is really impressed with the BiOrb fish tank system as he doesn’t have to spend hours cleaning the fish pond and fishing out dead fish anymore. He will be ordering the BiOrb fish tank and some aquarium supplies from tonight when he returns from work.

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What’s It With The Nappies?

I don’t know what’s it with the nappies that Alycia and Sherilyn would go crazy over them. The white cloth nappies are one of their favourite ‘toys’ and they can think of all sorts of ways to play with the nappies from wrapping their soft toys with it like a baby, wiping the floor and table with it, drapping it round their shoulders like supergirl and today, Alycia draped it round her head and pretended to be ‘white riding hood’. When I tried to pull the nappy off her head before she went for her afternoon nap, she refused to let me touch it and cried for a while as I had untied and messed up the hood. So I had to drap the nappy back and secure it tightly to pacify her before quietly removing it when she’s soundly asleep. Siau or not you say?

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Bliss and Peace

As I am typing this post, I am typing it peacefully and blissfully as DH has brought the gals out for fish head noodles with my maid. Then, DH will bring them to the chinese medicine hall to buy a few boxes of Enfagrow A+ and later to the cake house to buy their favorite chiffon cake. I have around 1 hour to quickly finish up the remaining offers I have. The house is so quiet without the gals, no screaming, no whining and I get to rest my throat.

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All Sorts Of Funny Antics

Sherilyn is always full of antics and surprises. Last night, she was staring at herself at the full-length mirror in our room and made all sorts of funny faces. Then, she pulled the skin underneath her eyes and to her horror, she saw ‘blood’. She then ran to me and said “mummy, my eyes got blood”. I then told her that it’s normal and assured her that it’s ok. She accepted my reassurance happily and then continued pulling the skin beneath her eyes and growled “whhhoorrrrr, whhhoorrrr, whhhoorrr……” as she pretended to be a monster.

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Healthy Snack – Cherry Tomatoes

Another favourite snacks for me and my 2 lil’ ones, cherry tomatoes. Alycia loves them a lot. I normally try to buy organic ones but if I can’t find them, I’ll get regular ones. It’s also a great food for dieters as tomatoes have low GI (Glycemix Index) and rich in Vitamins and anti-oxidants.

I also love to use ripe tomatoes (blended into a paste) for cooking fish and minced chicken meat for the gals. Taste really good and is wholesome too.

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