Crazy Blog Marathon

The last 2 days have been crazy for me as I’ve been going on a blog marathon. Today, I’ve written 13 posts, of which 7 were paid posts and 6 non-paid posts. I still have a few more uncompleted assignments. This is really crazy. I’ve got less than 5 hours sleep for 3 straight days. I was still ok the whole of today but now as I’m typing this post at 10:15pm, my head is spinning and my eye lids are drooping. I better get some sleep and not wake up at ungodly hours again tonight just to grab some offers. I’ll just put the gals to sleep now, sorry no bedtime stories, mummy is too tired (i’ve already read them a few books and also let them rule for 1/2 hr on the computer today) and I’ll sleep thru the night and wake up early tomorrow morning feeling fresh to start work before working out on my trampoline and then head for church. Good night everyone. No OT tonight!

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Hard To Get Them Nap

Lately, I’ve been having a hard time getting Alycia and Sherilyn to nap in the afternoon. They used to take their afternoon nap at 2:30pm, latest by 3pm but now, they don’t even appear worn out or sleepy at 4pm or 5pm. I thought they no longer require their daytime naps but I was wrong coz by 6pm, they would go super cranky if they don’t get their dose of daytime nap. Now, I have to resort to holding a cane to threaten them to take their nap each day. I hate to do this but that’s the only way to get them to sleep. Last night, the same thing happened. I was so frazzled and sleepy at around 11ish pm but the gals’ batteries seem to be still full to the brim. So again I brought out the cane and they quickly ran back to bed and dozed off after much fuss. I fell asleep clutching to the cane and woke up at 12:30am to ease myself, then crept downstairs to do some work on the computer and went back to bed an hour later. It’s really tough being a WFHM.

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Working Out On My Trampoline

My knees have been hurting me lately as I’ve been jogging uphill a lot these days. Jogging uphill is a strenuous exercise and it burns up more calories. I feel more worked out and sweat more when I jog uphill. Sometimes when I don’t get enough sleep, it makes me breathless too. I decided today that I should give my knees a rest, so I worked out by jumping and dancing on my trampoline instead as trampoline takes your body pressure off your leg. If you want to find a good way of working out and not hurt your legs too much, get a trampoline. It’s inexpensive, fun and you get to stay in shape. Oh, I also like to jump on the trampoline with my gals, they love it.

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Eczema Again

Alycia’s eczema has been dormant for months but for the last 1 week, it flared up again. This is the worst eczema outbreak. Her face is covered with rough rashes and the skin under her eyes looks red and rough. The redness under her eyes made her look so sick. There are also patches of red rashes on her palm, under her nostrils, above her lips, on her neck and patches of what look like bruises as a result of excessive scratching on her arms, buttocks and behind her thighs. She has not been eating anything new so I can’t pinpoint what is causing the eczema. It could be due to the hot weather lately coz she tends to have rashes whenever it’s hot and when she sweats profusely.

Anyway, I have been boiling a concoction of purple flower water with brown sugar for her and it seems to help in reducing the rashes. I shall blog about the healing properties of this purple flower soon.

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Jigsaw Puzzle

Alycia and Sherilyn love jigsaw puzzles. Alycia is quite good with them and can easily fix a 30-piece jigsaw puzzle in under 10 minutes. I had always thought that Alycia lacks attention span but when it comes to jigsaw puzzles, she can spend close to 1 hour quietly and intently fixing the puzzle. So whenever I need to get some work done, I’ll just let her play with her puzzles and get her to teach Sherilyn the tricks to fixing a jigsaw puzzle. I intend to get her some new jigsaw puzzles with more pieces, probably a 100-piece one so that she will spend longer time fixing them and I get longer time to do my work!

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