Magic Disney Towel

What do you think this is? Does it look like a cookie or a notepad? No, this is a magic Disney cotton towel which SIL bought from Hong Kong. When I saw it the first time, I’d thought it was a cookie or notepad.

To ‘open up’ the towel, the towel is to be soaked in water for a few seconds.

When it’s fully soaked in water, the towel opens up easily, like the petals of a flower blooming.

The person who came up with this idea is really ingenious and creative. What a cool souvenier this is.

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Chip n Dale Purse

My SIL bought Alycia and Sherilyn 2 identical Chin N Dale purses from Hong Kong Disneyland recently but the gals are still fighting over the purses every single day. When one of them looses the purse and can’t find it, the fight begins over the other remaining purse. The fight got out of hand a couple of days ago with a tug of war over the remaining purse and Miss Pukey Sherilyn ended up crying until she puked. My maid and I had to search high and low for the lost purse in the house. When it was finally found under her pillow (she had brought it to sleep), I had to write their names on the purses and warned them that nobody gets to take each other’s purse again. There has been no more fights over the purses since.

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