Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

This is the magnetic Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzle that I bought Alycia from Safe n Sound, 1U. It looks easy to fix but if all the puzzles are dismantled and jumbled up, you will have a real hard time putting the puzzles together again. Yesterday, after the gals had jumbled up all the puzzles, I had to get my maid’s help to put the puzzles together before keeping them as I was busy with some assignments. Alycia still needs some guidance from me to fix this puzzle as the puzzle pieces are quite small and difficult to assemble. I’ve also learnt a lesson. I can only give her 1 set of the puzzle (1 set consists of 4 Thomas characters) at a time and not all the 3 sets at once, so that she won’t jumble up all the sets.

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Writing Paid Posts

I woke up at 5:30am today. Completed the 2 offers that I had accepted at 2:30am and now, I’ll do some back exercise on my fitball then I’ll head outside to my porch to work-out on my trampoline again. It’s really tiring working like this but I get a sense of achievement and my financial security back. It’s amazing how money motivates people.

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Franchising of Vending Machines

My uncle has been running a grocery shop for more than two decades. Business for the last few years have been pretty slow as there has been stiff competition from hypermarkets that have been mushrooming everywhere. My uncle has been scratching his head searching for ideas on how to turn around the business of his grocery shop. Several days ago, I met my uncle at a relative’s wedding and I told him about my wish in setting up my own home-based business in the franchise of bulk vending machines. This idea hit my uncle and he is now very interested in putting up a few candy and toy capsules vending machines outside his grocery shop as this would bring about a 100% cash business. I’ve given him the website address of multivend, the leading bulk candy vending machine manufacturer in the United States that offers individuals a unique opportunity to own their own business. I hope our franchise vending machine business will kick off soon.

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Grabbing Offers

This morning, I woke up at 2:30am to ease myself in the loo. Before I hopped back onto bed, my legs were itchy and I was very tempted to get downstairs to check for offers on my computer. So downstairs I went and when I refreshed my screen, I saw 2 nice offers from my favorite review company. I quickly accepted the 2 offers without a bat in my eyelid and then went back to bed. Minutes later into my sleep, I had dreamt of accepting more offers from this company. The dream seemed so vivid and I was happily clicking on the ‘accept’ tab in my dream. Oh what a sweet dream, if only it would come true.

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A Day Out At One Utama

On Sunday, daddy brought us to One Utama. We had brunch at Paddington House of Pancakes. Alycia and Sherilyn enjoyed the savoury and sweet pancakes very much. We also enjoyed the beautiful view from the glass window facing the indoor park. After brunch, we went to buy Sherilyn a pair of white color shoes from Tree House Kids’ Shoes, MPH to buy some story books, a karaoke nursery rhymes VCD and a 48-piece jigsaw puzzle. We also went to Safe n Sound and daddy bought another Safety 1st bed-railing and a magnetic Thomas and Friends jigsaw puzzle. I’ll tell you why he bought another bed-railing. Later, we went to Toys City and mummy bought an expensive Combi bib. Before we left, we had Japanese food at this new restaurant called Shogun something, located next to Good Evening Thai Restaurant.

The savoury pancake with egg, sausage, baked tomato and Romania lettuce.

Coin-sized pancakes topped with grounded peanuts, white chocolate flakes, fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

The girls at a gift shop. Sherilyn was crazy over the 3D sphere ball and the rubber yoyo but mummy said “NO, cannot buy coz you have too many toys at home”.

If we’re at 1U, daddy will surely not miss out bringing his 2 angels for the animal train ride and animal motorized rides.

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Bulk Vending Machine Business

Lately, I’ve been toying with some ideas on starting my own home-based business. There are a few businesses that I am interested in, among which is to set up my own online store selling baby items and the latest idea is a franchise business in bulk candy vending machines. This idea came about when I saw Alycia and other kids going crazy over these gumballs and toy capsules vending machines. The other day, daddy spent $8 on just 1 toy capsule on a vending machine for Alycia and there was a long queue of kids waiting to insert coins into the vending machine at a shopping mall. So this idea struck me. What a good 100% cash business this is. I’ve asked a friend of mine for advise and he asked me to check out vendstar, an established manufacturer of bulk vending machines that can get me into the bulk vending machine business. If I get to earn enough money from writing paid posts, I’ll definitely give this bulk vending machine business a great thought.

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