Combi Bib

This is the Combi bib that I got Sherilyn from Toys City, 1U. It cost me RM50, before a 20% discount. It’s expensive but I feel it’s well worth the investment coz Sher’s a real messy eater and with a good food-catcher bib, it saves me all the trouble cleaning up the food that she drops or spits out.

The rubbery bib is detachable, foldable (good for outings) and is adjustable to 3 heights, depending on the size of the toddler.

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Need Catering?

Anyone needs catering for just about any functions? You have a caterer right here, that’s right, my hubby is a caterer. Just call Alan at 019-266 4297 for a quote today.

These are pix taken at one of his recent functions.

This is not a sponsored post 🙂

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New Books and Jigsaw Puzzle

I got some cheap Bumblebee books, produced locally by Pelangi from MPH for the gals on Sunday. They only cost between RM1.90 to RM3.90 each. The words are huge and there are colourful illustrations on the pages. I also got Alycia a 48-piece jigsaw puzzle which only cost RM5.90. I saw some Dr Seuss books and I was so tempted to buy them but they are way out of my budget, costing RM30 and above. Well, I may buy them if I get to earn more from paid posts.

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Tagged : Rockin’ Girl Blogger

Received this award 4 times from Hipncoolmomma, Mummy In Vain, Mommy to Chumsy and Montessorimum. I feel so honoured to be given this award of a Rockin’ Girl Blogger 4 times but I don’t think I rock lar. I am just addicted to blogging.

I shall not pass this award to anyone coz I notice that almost all the bloggers had received it already. Thanks once again to Girlie, Vivian, Barbara and Elaine for nominating me!

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Paid Posts

I got a real pleasant surprise this morning when I went to check out this review company’s website, just to try my luck in grabbing some offers albeit being informed by them that I can only come back on 1 Aug 07 to accept offers as my quota has already been maxed out. I was so happy when I saw a message stating that the new quota is now 40 per month. I quickly checked my categories and my goodness, I saw so many offers waiting for me to accept. I quickly accepted 6 offers and now, I have lots of assignments to do. I can forget about PPP for the time being as I had not properly selected the category my blog should be in, thus the reason why I have not been receiving opps from them. Thanks Chin Nee for informing me! PPP says I can only change my blog category in 24 days’ time, what the fun!…. never mind, thank God, I still have some offers from other companies.

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