Purple Flower, A Natural Anti-Oxidant & Remedy

I had promised earlier that I will blog about this ‘Phong Far’ (as the chinese call it in cantonese), a flower with purplish, greenish petals and tiny white flowers inside the bud. This flower has been known for a long time to be a natural anti-oxidant and remedy for various ailments and diseases. The leaves are pointy and long and also purplish and greenish in colour.

My late maternal grandma used to boil the flower with either pork or raw yellow sugar whenever my youngest brother had eczema decades ago. My mum is now drinking this purple flower water boiled with raw yellow sugar to treat her goitre and fibroids.

When I went for my pap-smear and annual medical check-up a few months ago, my gynae had detected a very tiny fibroid of apprx 1cm in size in my uterus when he did a trans-vaginal ultrasound scan. Naturally, I was alarmed and stunned. My gynae was however very blase about it and said I don’t need to take any action and said that fibroids are prevalent among women (1 in 5 women has it) and normally would not turn malignant.

Some time last year, when my mum went for her routine medical check-up, her gynae had also detected a fibroid in her uterus. My mum’s friends then advised her to boil ‘phong far’ with raw yellow sugar to shrink the cyst. Miraculously after months of consuming the ‘phong far’ water, the ultrasound scans showed that the cyst had vanished. My mum’s friends who had cysts in various parts of their internal body also drank this flower water and swear by the miraculous healing properties. One of my mum’s friend’s surgeon also recommended this flower water to his patients with cysts.
I plucked these flowers from a bush next to a playground near my house.

I add 1 tablespoon of raw yellow sugar to approximately 4 cups of water.

Put the flowers and yellow sugar into a pot of water and boil for approximately 1 hour.

Washing the flowers is quite a onerous task as I have to open up the petals of each flower and wash out the soil and dirt under running water. It takes me half an hour to wash 2 handfuls of flowers.

The ‘phong far’ drink. It has a sweet fragrant flowery taste.

I have been boiling ‘phong far’ with raw yellow sugar for myself, Alycia (for her eczema) and Sherilyn for her swollen lymph nodes for the last 2 months and have so far consumed it more than 20 times. Sherilyn has no problem drinking it, in fact she LOVES it. A few days ago, when I touched the lump below Sherilyn’s jaw, it had reduced in size and not so tender anymore.

* Disclaimer : this is not intended to be a medical advice*

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Kompany Iklan Huruf Tiga P

Semua opps dari kompany iklan nama huruf tiga P ini sangat laku, macam ada duit jatuh dari langit. Satu saat you nampak banyak opps yang sangat cantik dan senang ditulis tapi the next saat, bila you nak accept opps tu, dah hilang entah ke mana atau berubah jadi warna kelabu. I sangat frus dengan tiga P ini. Terlalu manyak rules and regulations. Nasib baik, I masih ada offer dari kompany iklan yang lain. Kalau tidak, macam mana nak cari makan dengan tiga P ini, manyak orang nak fight untuk rampas opps….buat you gila betul.

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A Fruitful Morning

Despite the slight hiccup with Streamyx and an interrupted sleep this morning from the stupid car alarm, I must say it was really a fruitful morning for me as I had completed 4 paid posts in just 2 hours. I got up at 6am, quickly fixed my computer, accepted an offer from a company in my url and later saw a few nice offers from 3P. However, with the cap of 2 opps per blogger, I quickly grabbed 2 opps with the least words and the easiest to write. Now, I can sau tong and spend some time with my gals. Alycia is waiting to have her bath with me together.

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Activities To Keep Toddlers Occupied

When I need to get some work done on the computer, I’ll assign some activities for Alycia and Sherilyn. What they love most now are puzzles, colouring, scribbling and playing with stickers.

I have to separate Alycia and Sherilyn so that Sherilyn will not mess up her sister’s work. When she does, a war will break out.

I let them stick stickers in a note book and they have so much fun with it. I had just created this new activity as I do not want them to stick those stickers everywhere in the house.

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Pissed Off With Streamyx

I am really pissed off with Streamyx as the connection has been unstable for the last 2 days. I woke up at 3am today when the alarm from a car parked outside a condo opposite my house went off for almost 4 hours. So I went downstairs to my computer to check for offers but the internet connection keeps breaking up. So I went back to sleep but just couldn’t sleep as the stupid car alarm kept wailing away so loudly. When I woke up at 6am, thank God the internet connection was up again and I saw an email from one review company informing me that there’s an offer but when I’d logged into the website, the offer was already taken up. What the fun! Had the internet connection been up, I could have accepted the offer when I woke up at 3am. This has happened twice already and I’m just so pissed off. What the fish! Never mind lar, I still have a few more reviews to work on. Hopefully I’ll receive more offers today.

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Alycia Takes Over My Role

I read to the gals whenever they have their milk fixes from the bottle. Lately, I have been busy with my assignments so Alycia has taken over my role. Yesterday, I didn’t read to Sherilyn when she was having her mid-morning milk fix. So Alycia took out a book and said “come Kay Yi, let me read to you” as she lay down on the floor next to Sherilyn and began ‘reading’ to her like this :

I’m really proud of Alycia.

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