Durian For Breakfast!

Alycia enjoying every bite of the durian whilst Sherilyn was enjoying her perssimon and grapes for breakfast.

It’s the durian season now and since I love durian so much, DH would buy me durian from the pasar malam every Friday. It’s not only DH and I who love eating them but both Alycia and Sherilyn have also developed a strong liking for the king of the fruit.

Normally DH would buy enough durian for me to savour for 2-3 days and I would keep them in the fridge and eat them for breakfast for 2-3 straight mornings, without any signs of boredom. Yesterday, I decided to give 1 seed to Alycia and she enjoyed every single bite of the flesh. I just hope she won’t get heaty after eating them as she had also eaten some petai the day before.

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400th Post

I can’t believe I’d already reached my 400th post in my blog yesterday and my blog is only slightly over 3 months. Just can’t wait to announce that I’ve reached my 400th paid post very soon.

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Modem Conked Out

One of my greatest fears came true this morning when my modem conked out. My computer has been running really slow and the internet connection has been unstable for the past few days. I thought there were some probs with Streamyx or a bug has hit my PC. The modem was still ok at 2am but when I tried to turn it on at 6am, there were no lights, not even the ‘power’ light was blinking. I panicked and knew I had to wait a few days for the TM Net technician to fix it as it is the weekend. I called TM Net and was told that I had to wait for 2 working days. I told the guy I had to get the modem replaced ASAP as I’m running a home business and can’t afford to have any downtime (must exaggerate a bit lar) but the guy told me no, I have to wait for 2 working days. Not satisfied with the Malaysian ‘no attitude’, I called again and this time, I wasn’t Miss Nice anymore. I tried to exert some urgency and raised my voice a tad bit and it worked. The guy promised to send me a technician by today.

By 10am, the technician was still no where to be seen and I called again. This time, the 3rd customer service guy told me the same crap – “no Mam’ our technicians don’t work on a weekend”. I gave him a piece of my mind and told him I want to see a technican first thing Monday morning. 1/2 hour later, I saw a TM Net van outside my house. When I saw the technician outside my gate, I was happy beyond words. The technician found out that my modem’s adaptor was faulty and got it replaced. I was so happy and thankful that I gave him quite a big tip albeit it’s FOC.

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