Tag : Creatures I Hate Most

Thanks Chin Nee for passing this tag to me. You know I need to do more tags to help increase my PR eh? Since I don’t have much time, I shall write a a short post on this tag. I also have another 2 tags outstanding from Montessorimum and Big Pumpkin.

The creatures I loathe and fear most are :

1) Cockroaches. I hate any insects and bugs that emit stinky odours and have wings. I especially hate cockroaches because they really stink the hell out of me when I accidentally step on them and I hate the black liquid that these pests squirt out, eeeewww….. really disgusting and stinky!

2) Rats. I hate them because they are filthy. I hate it most when they crawl over my legs when I don’t notice them and all of a sudden I feel something hairy and warm resting on my feet. Eeeeyou……. so geli!

I’m going to pass the fear factor baton to :

1) Scibbles For My Angels
2) Mummy In Vain
3) Mommy to Chumsy. … good filler post for you!

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Blue Black Cheek

Sherilyn is always bursting with energy, ideas and mischievous. She climbs up and down the sofa, climbs up the tv cabinet, puts her potty inside the drawer and then sits on the potty, jumps on the sofa as if she’s jumping on a trampoline, hops up and down the stairs of the split-level at our hall and pretends to be a frog, yanks off drawer knobs and safety gadgets, touches forbidden items and the list goes. Several days ago, she knocked her cheek on the wall whilst she was jumping on the sofa and got a blue-black mark on her face, just below her left eye but that still did not stop her from jumping again less than half an hour later. Sometimes I just don’t know how to discipline and tame this little monkey for she doesn’t really fear anything, not even the whip.

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