Kids Say The Darnest Things – Part 3

Conversation 1

Alycia – Mum, long time we din go back to Ipoh to see koong koong and granny.
Me – yup, you miss them?
Alycia – Yess….
Me – we will go back to Ipoh next month to celebrate koong koong’s birthday, are you happy?
Alycia – Yyess….. and gives me a big grin.
Me – so what are you going to give koong koong for his birthday?
Alycia – hmmmm……a BIG hug….
Me – only a big hug?
Alycia – and a balloon….
Me – what shape balloon?
Alycia – hmmmmm… heart shape and hmmmmmm….. a square balloon.

Conversation 2

Alycia and Sherilyn had just gotten up from their afternoon nap and Alycia started to whine for no apparent reasons. After I had failed to subdue Alycia, I gave up and brought Sherilyn to the bathroom and as I was washing up Sherilyn…

Sher – mummy, where is Alycia?
Me – Alycia is whining and crying in the hall. Mummy hates the sounds of whining and crying you know, make me mad.
Sher – make me mad oso.
Me – you also always whine and cry for no reason, right?
Sher – ahahahaha……

Conversation 3

We were having dim sum at Overseas Restaurant today and Sherilyn was placed on a baby chair with a seat belt that was spoilt.

Sher to me – my seat belt is spoilt. Aunty, aunty.. … halo halo…. please come and fix my seat belt, it’s spoilt….. as she waves her hand to the waitress.
All of us laughed at her.

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5 thoughts on “Kids Say The Darnest Things – Part 3

  1. Tell Alycia that Kung Kung and Granny are looking forward to seeing you all again. Kung Kung would be most amused with the square-shaped balloon!!

  2. hahahaha….that’s cute. where do you stay in ipoh? i used to live in wah keong park and hubby around pasir puteh. now we only go back once a year during CNY to my aunt’s place in ipoh gdn 😀

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