What’s Inside The Packet?

Yesterday morning as I was having my morning stroll, I suddenly had the urge to eat something that I’ve not eaten for quite some time. So I went to the van selling breakfast and packed that food. I couldn’t wait to reach home to feast on the food. Want to know what’s inside the packet? Scroll up and read.

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How We Spent Our Merdeka Day

We went to Mid Valley Megamall at around 11am today and as it was a public holiday, the traffic was pretty horrendous. There were oceans of people and a human traffic jam at Mid Valley. We wanted to have lunch at Dragon-I but the queue was crazy. We then retreated and went to American Chillis instead. We ordered 2 mugs of brocolli & cheese soup, an Oldtimer’s burger, a spaghetti and a Fajitas combo comprising chicken and beef. With 2 main meals, we got 2 kids’ meal FOC. After lunch, we went windown shopping and I went into a newly opened Crocs boutique. I saw the Crocs shoes that my sil bought Alycia and Sherilyn from Hong Kong and they cost RM129 each. I saw a Crocs sandals that I really love that came in 3 colors, i.e. lime green & white, pink & white and baby blue & white. I looked great on them but when I saw the price tag, I put the sandals back. At RM169 for a pair of plastic sandals, I can get almost 4 pairs of cheaper shoes from Vincci. Well, if I were still working, I’d have bought the Crocs sandals without any second thoughts. After that, we headed to Jaya Jusco supermarket and bought a trolley load of groceries. The human traffic jam was a real turn off and we left Mid Valley in no time. I tend to have a phobia shopping with my 2 beautiful gals at a crowded place, for fear of my gals being kidnapped.

Back home, after putting the gals to nap, my mil and hubby went to the pasar malam and bought our weekly supply of vegetables, fish and fruits. My mil also bought our favorite ‘lok lok’ (steamboat) and of course durians! I ate so much lok lok that I am now so bloated. Luckily we are having something light for dinner – porridge. And guess what porridge we are having? It’s porridge with dried scallops, dried oysters, chicken and a can of Australian abalones. Sounds yummy eh?

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Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! These were the words I heard from a group of primary school kids chanting outside my house whilst we were having breakfast at around 9am yesterday morning. The troop of students, all dressed up in national costumes together with their teachers from a nearby school were marching round the neighbourhood holding flags and banners. There was even a police car accompanying the troop. What a thoughtful act of patriotism shown by the school.

To all Malaysians out there, happy 50th hari kemerdekaan (independence day) to us!

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Blog Approved

I am just so happy that this particuar advertiser has approved my blog several days ago. I was 5th time lucky this time. I’d submitted and re-submitted my blog as well as written to them a couple of times in the past few months but I kept getting the same message “your blog will only be approved if you host your blog in your own domain or at least have a PR in your blog”. Since my blog is still relatively new and I hardly have time to migrate my blog to my own domain, I decided to give myself another try by writting to them again and this time, I prayed hard for a favorable reply and thank God, my prayer was answered. My blog was approved and I was given 2 assignments!

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Muddy Mess

The water finally flowed back into our taps at around 11am today and as expected after every pipe burst, the water would be murky and dirty. After the water flowed out from the taps for about 1 minute, it stopped again as the mud and dirt had clogged up the tap. My maid then removed the tap and tried to unclog it but the moment she removed the tap, the teh tarik colored water suddenly shot out like a fountain and dirtied the entire kitchen – my maid, the sink, counter tops, the floor and the dishes near the sink were covered with teh tarik water. My gals thought it was very amusing and squealed in excitement seeing the commotion.

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Porridge For 3 Days

Since hubby had a bad bout of food poisoning as a result of eating sushi at the hotel that we stayed at last weekend, we have been eating chicken and dried scallop porridge for 3 days straight. My maid would cook one big pot of porridge and everyone in the family including my maid would eat the porridge for dinner. My hubby even ate the leftover porridge for breakfast the following morning as that’s the only food his tummy could stomach without making him purge.

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Snacks Everyday

Each time my mil is back, Alycia and Sherilyn are the happiest. Not only will their mah mah pamper them with gifts, she will also be their life saviour when I scold or cane them. Whenever I cane them, they will act up and cry louder and harder and then run to mah mah for ‘protection’ and solace. Also, mah mah will spoil them with tidbits and snacks everyday. It’s only when their mah mah is here that they get to eat forbidden food like kuih, hawkers’ food, biscuits and cakes. Each day, mah mah will buy them different food to eat. Yesterday, they got a soft cheese cake from mah mah. As for me, each time my mil is back, I will also gain some weight as I will also indulge in the food that she buys. I’ve been indulging in fried koay teow for my mid-afternoon snack with my mil for a few days already. There goes my diet plan!

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What A Bummer

One of the things that upset me a lot is when the water supply to my house is cut off. This week itself, the underground water pipes near our house burst twice, once 2 days ago and this morning, they burst again. This happens very frequently at our housing estate as it is an old housing estate. Each time it happens, the water supply to our house will be cut off for at least half a day and we will not be able to do anything – from taking our baths to cooking, washing the clothes, washing the dishes, cleaning the house, flushing the toilets, etc. I just hate this situation when we are all left dry and dirty. When the water is finally back, needless to say, the water will be murky like teh tarik (pulled tea with milk) and this will last for at least 3 days though we have a huge water filter in our garden. Our clothes will be stained when they are washed in the washing machine and I dare not even wash my face or rinse my mouth with the teh tarik colored water.

I’ll be going out now to the RO water-dispenser across my house to buy some water. I just hope there is still some water left for us to buy. What a bummer!

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My Neighbour Is Driving Me Crazy With….

…. her curries. Every morning at around 10ish am, my Sikh neighbour will start to cook her curry. First I hear her blending the onions and stuff in the blender and in less than an hour’s time, I smell her heavenly curry. I tell you, the mouth watering aroma of the curries that wafted from her kitchen to our kitchen each morning can really make my tummy rumble and growl. I love curries, especially the authentic Indian or Sikh curries. And my neighbour is such a good cook. Not only do her curries whet my appetite, even the aroma of her fried chicken and fried stuff are driving me hungry every morning. Yesterday, I met my neighbour at the van selling vegetables outside our house and I told her that her curries smell damn good and hinted to her that one day, I have to sample them. She just smiled proudly. I hope she got the hint and will one day, ring on my door bell and present me with a bowl of her delicious curry! I’m gluttonous, ain’t I?

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Sorry For Not Replying Your Comments

To all my blogging pals and fan-sees, sorry if I’ve not replied to the comments you had left in my posts yesterday and today. My blog is acting up big time and causing me headache since yesterday. I’ve lost count on the number of times I had to log out of Blogger and log in again for each task that I had to perform. I wasted many hours logging in and out of Blogger and shutting down my PC today. I just hope my PC is not infested by a serious bug or virus. My hub’s computer wiz friend will come over tonight to investigate the problem. I’m praying that my PC will be A-ok.

Cherry — thanks for advising me to delete some files from my C-drive. I did that but that does not seem to help.

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Driving Me Bonkers

My blog is driving me nuts. There is something seriously wrong with either Blogspot or my computer. Each time I try to perform a task like edit a post, click on a link, click on the permanent link, etc. my computer will ‘hang’ and I have to log out from Blogger and log in again. Then an error message will appear. It is slowing down everything and wasting so much of my time. I hate this downtime. I am already so pressed for time everyday and with a technical glitch like this, I can really go bonkers. I bet myself when I publish this post, my computer will ‘hang’ again. Aarrgghhh…….

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Looking For A New Maid

For the last few weeks, I’ve been browsing through the website of my maid agency looking at the resumes of new maids. None of them look pleasant or suitable. Most of them are either too young or too old. If I get one who is too young, I run an extremely high risk of her running away with her boyfriend. I’ve had bad experiences with this group of maids. If they are too old, they may be good with my kids but then, they may lack the stamina or initiative or they may not like being told off by a younger employer. My parents have an old maid of 50+ yo now and she’s such a pain in the neck (can’t seem to follow instructions, stubborn, super slow in her work, cannot do chores that are too tough due to her age, extremely fussy with her food and doesn’t look pleasant at all) but my parents are keeping her as my grandma of 90 y.o. adores her. She had lied about her age in her resume. She declared that she’s only 40+ but alas, she herself spilled the beans when she accidentally blurted out her age.

Those who look pretty are also a no-no coz they are most likely to attract men to my house as there are many male foreign workers at my housing estate, thus also risking my safety as well as my 2 gals’. I just need someone who is obedient, initiative, hardworking, trustworthy, good and patient with my 2 naughty gals and one who looks fairly pleasant. I wonder why I am never lucky with getting good maids who are willing to work for me for 10 years or more though I treat my maids so well. I pay for all their toiletries, buy them clothes, pay their phone bills when they call back to Indon without deducting from their salaries, treat them to meals in hotels and restaurants, eat whatever good food we eat yet I am never lucky enough to get one good and loyal maid. I’m just praying that I’ll be 5th time lucky this time round.

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Tag : 8 Random Facts About My Mom

Got thig tag from Cute Ashley’s mom and this Lovely Mummy. I wonder why it has to be 8 facts again and not other numbers. All the recent tags seem to be phat (8) related, you realize? Anyway, here it goes :

1) My mom is 61 years old but she certainly looks way younger. She and my dad have young-looking genes, which make me look young too 🙂
2) My mom has 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl) and I’m in the middle.
3) My mom is super slim and doesn’t seem to gain any weight though she is a carbo-addict. So unfair!
4) My mom was a teacher in MGS Ipoh.
5) My mom attends line-dancing classes every week.
6) My mom loves her 2 grand daughters very much and loves to pamper them with gifts.
7) My mom and I used to travel overseas for vacation before I got married.
8) My mom is super health-conscious and eats very bland food as she has some health conditions.

I’m curious to know the following bloggers’ mommies ‘phats’ too :

1) Sasha
2) Princess Mom
3) Hui Sia

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Wolfberry Bread

No, that’s not a pomelo, it looks like a pomelo skin but it’s actually a ‘kei zhi’ or wolfberry bread that my mil bought from the bakery. Very unique eh, bakeries these days are mushrooming everywhere and in my housing estate alone, there are more than 5 bakeries, so these bakeries are whipping up extraordinary products to entice customers. No more run-of-the-mill kaya buns, coconut buns or cheese buns but you see new items like wolfberry bread, sotong ink bread (which is black in color but taste really yummy as it is slightly saltish), yam custard buns, black sesame seed bread and the list goes.

So how does this bread taste? Well, not really to my liking as it feels like biting onto a herbal bread. I love herbal soups but not herbal bread (the smell of herbal is a little too strong), though there are many sunflower seeds inside the bread but the smell of the wolfberry in the bread just couldn’t agree with my tastebud.

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Problem With Blogger

Is anyone experiencing problem with Blogger (Blogspot) for the last 2 days? I am experiencing extremely slow downloading time of my blog, editing and creating my posts and a host of other problems. Each time I attempted to edit my post, I get a message stating “Out of memory at line : 56”. That’s the reason why I hadn’t written many posts or visited many blogs for the last 2 days. I hope my computer is not infested with some bugs or virus. I think I’d better ask my hubby to get his computer buff friend to check out my computer before it conks out.

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Mooncakes Galore

Mooncake with nuts, seeds and bacon strips.

Disney Winnie The Pooh mooncake.

These are the mooncakes that my sil brought back from Hong Kong. My favorite are the ones with lots of seeds, nuts and strips of roasted bacon. The ain’t too sweet and are loaded with seeds and nuts and are very tasty too. There are even Pooh Bear mooncakes from Disney Land. There goes my diet plan….. my calories have far exceeded my output. I guess I have to increase the intensity and duration of my jogging sessions before my pouch becomes a permanent feature!

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