A Fruitful Day

Despite the hiccup in submitting my post to the advertiser, I must say today has been a fruitful day as I’d received 4 offers from this advertiser. I have another 7 outstanding reviews to complete but I’ve had enough of typing today. Must spend some time with Alycia and Sherilyn and also spend some devotion time to Him above. Tonight, I’m not going to wake up at crazy hours to check offers. I’m going to bed early and wake up early to start another crazy day completing my assignments. If I’ve not visited your blog yet, wait ar, I’ll come soon.

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Almost gone crazy!

Today, I’d received a few offers from my favourite advertiser. When I’d completed the last post and tried submitting it, I kept receiving a message stating that the hyperlink is not in my post. I spent more than an hour checking and checking my post over and over again till I went berserk and almost crazy. I then called Mommy To Chumsy to ask her for advice as she had faced a similar problem a few days ago but that did not manage to solve my problem. I then sent an email to the advertiser and within an hour, this person by the name of Gail managed to solve my problem. The hyperlink provided by the advertiser had an extra slash (/), thus my problem in submitting the post. I must thank Gail for her prompt reply to my email and for her efficiency. That’s why I like this advertiser so much. They are prompt in their reply to my emails and prompt in payment too. Best of all, today this advertiser approved all my pending posts, almost 20 of them. Woohoo… this means I will receive payment soon!!

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Daddy’s Back!

Each night when the gals hear daddy’s car engine running outside and the sound of the gate being opened when daddy is back, the gals will get very excited. They will then push their Lego box to the window and both of them will scramble to climb on it to take a peek outside as they shout “daddy’s back, daddy’s back!” Daddy will then quickly come upstairs quietly and surprise them with a peekaboo and then play or read to them.

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Transfer Blog To Own Domain

For weeks, I’ve been thinking of transferring my blog to my own domain. If I have my own domain, for one, the website is mine and does not belong to anyone else so, I have no worries that my blog will be deleted or get blocked by my current host, Blogger. Two, I can receive more offers as some advertisers only accept bloggers hosting their own domain.

My problem is I don’t know which host to choose, local or US and I just don’t have the time to do the migration work myself. As it is now, I am already working on all cylinders and at full steam, lacking sleep and everything. So if I were to try doing the migration thing myself, I think I won’t even have time to eat and sleep and have a life. Maybe it’s a very easy task but I am totally not techno savant.

If only I can pay someone to do everything for me from A through Z. Yep, this is an offer to you guys out there. Anyone wants to take up my offer to help me transfer to my own domain? But don’t ask for too much lar, I’m only a SAHM mah.

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Offers Again

My favorite advertiser is slowly releasing offers again. They have not been releasing any offers for a week already due to some changes they are making in their organization. They have started releasing offers again in small spurts for the last few days. Though some are repeats but at least, something is better than none. I miss writing for this advertiser and they are by far the best advertiser I’ve worked for. I hope to get more offers from them. Mom to Chumsy and Chin Nee…. let’s get started again 😀

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Power Nap

Lately, I’ve not been getting sufficient shut-eye. I’d wake up at ungodly hours in the morning to check for offers and still wake up by 6am to complete my assignments and then to work out. It’s quite impossible for me to do my assignments during the day with my 2 gals constantly whining and buzzing in my ears, seeking my attention. Normally by 11am, I’d get really sleepy and lethargic. So now, when my gals nap in the afternoon, I’ll try to get a quick forty winks too, just 15 minutes would do wonders and I feel so recharged and energized after the power nap. My mood is also instantly lifted up after the power nap and I get to accomplish more.

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Sherilyn’s Blue-black Cheek

That was how Sherilyn’s cheek looked last night, 1 week after she knocked her cheek against a wall when she was jumping on the couch at home. The blue-black mark has faded a tad bit and it’s now greenish-greyish in colour. That cheeky monkey is still undeterred by the incident and is still climbing and jumping up and down everywhere.

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Tag : My Plan on 08 08 08

Another fun meme for me from Montessorimum and Chin Nee. I guess on that day, which is a weekday, I’ll most probably not even realize that it’s 08 08 08 until I read the newspapers. I’ll most likely be doing the routine tasks like getting Alycia ready for school, preparing breakfast, preparing lunch, blogging, doing paid posts, etc etc.

Well, I hope that by then, I’d have earned enough money to go for a vacation with my family to Hong Kong Disneyland or New Zealand to visit my sil and her twins. Most importantly, I hope and pray that 08 08 08 will be a fruitful day for me and that all my loved ones and I will be in excellent health, safe, happy and be together.

I’d love to hear from these wonderful bloggers their 08 08 08 plans too :

1) Mummy to Chumsy

2) Rambling Moo

3) The Imperfect Mom

4) Momsie Tales

5) Big Pumpkin

Instructions :

**Start Copy**

Proposition: My plan on 08.08.08

Requirements: Share with us your plan on 08.08.2008.

Tag Mode: 5 bloggers

1st – You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.
2nd – Let the blogger you want to tag know they been tagged by comment in their blog or etc.
3rd – Leave me a comment so that I can compile all your links in a final list on 08.08.2008.

What They will do on 08.08.2008

Xilly want to create a list of 08.08.08 plans.
Chooi Peng was at Hokkaido on 08.08.08
Jazzmint will pass the day blurry on 08.08.08
Dragonmummy will run the normal SAHM task on 08.08.08
Healthfreakmommy will pass the day doing daily routine tasks and hopes to go on a vacation.

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North Indian Cuisine

Last Saturday, DH brought us for an unplanned lunch at Saffron Restaurant, a restaurant that specializes in North Indian cuisine located at Sri Hartamas. The food are all home-cooked, using loads of spices and are very tasty, even my fussy food critic hubby enjoyed the food. Here’s what we ate :

Fish Kofta – fish with potato patties

Butter chicken – boneless chicken braised in creamy almond and butter sauce. Very tasty and rich.

Bhoona Gosht – mutton braised in a highly spiced gravy of tomatoes, onions and herbs. The mutton was tender and the gravy was very flavourful.

Saffron rice

Pumpkin Rai – cubes of pumpkin flavored with ginger and mustard seed.

Paratha bread – layered wholewheat flat bread – everyone’s favorite. Tastes like sweet roti canai

Thick dhall with lots of herbs and chick peas.


We had a dessert of home-made almond ice-cream and durian ice-cream but I find the ice-cream a tad too sweet for me.

Overall, the food was good and the bill came up to RM103.

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