Home-made Chicken Nuggets

After more than 5 failed attempts, I finally succeeded in making my own chicken nuggets. And they taste really good, as good as the ones from MacD or KFC, minus all the food additives and recycled oil.

Here’s the recipe that I’ve created (makes about 20 pieces) :

Chicken breast, blended
1 tbs wholemeal flour
1 tbs corn flour
2 eggs
Dash of pepper and salt

Mixed everything well in a big bowl, scoop out and fry them in a non-stick pan, spoon by spoon.

Even Miss Spity Spat Sherilyn ate the chicken nuggets.

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Faster Than CNN

Grabbing paid posts is not easy as most bloggers would somehow know whenever the advertisers release them at different hours of the day. I’ve sort of made a ‘pact’ with 2 mommies where we alert each other through SMS whenver we see offers released by any advertisers. Today, I managed to grab one offer, thanks to this mummy who sent me an SMS. She is always so quick to see offers coming and also quick in notifying me like CNN.

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Good Night’s Sleep

I had a real good night’s sleep last night. I hit the sack at 11ish pm, slept through the night and woke up at 6am feeling so fresh and without the ‘floating feeling’. This morning, I wasted some time fixing a rejected post by this Tiga P coz they said tag cannot be used as filler post wor, what rubbish and excuse, really double standard. I’m going out to jog now and when I return, I have to start work on my 7 outstanding assignments.

Mom to Chumsy, SR replied my ticket. They said ppl from some countries are unable to gain access to the 2 websites. So i guess i hv to work on whatever info i have and do some google search on this product to complete the review.

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Tiga P

Tiga P ini sangat teruk dan ‘l c l y’. Entah kenapa mereka practise double and triple standard. Pagi ni, mereka tendang satu post I, kata tak ada non-paid filler post di tengah. Tak tau apa karut mereka ni kerana filler post yang I guna ialah satu post on ‘Tag’. Alamak, guna post on ‘tag’ pun tak boleh. Kawan saya guna gambar scrap pun kena tendang. I nampak ramai blogger pun tak guna non-paid filler post tapi pun tak ada problem. Really buang masa nak fix post I dan resubmit, as if I tak ada kerja. I rasa nak boycott Tiga P ni.

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