Sherilyn’s Feeding Problem

I wish I knew what’s wrong with Sherilyn. She used to love milk and can down a bottle of 7oz milk in a matter of minutes but for the past few days, she would spend close to an hour to gulp it down. She’s not teething or anything coz when i asked her if her teeth or gums hurt, she said no. She would spend around 15 mins just to drink half the amount of milk from the bottle and then spends the next half hour biting the teat or shaking the bottle, messing up herself and the place. Each time, I end up pouring out the milk in a cup for her to drink. I thought she wants to wean herself off the bottle but no, she still insists she wants to drink from the bottle.

Apart from this milk problem, Sherilyn still spits her meat and food during mealtimes. I have to resort to putting the cane on the dining table to threaten her to stop spitting and sadly, it works. Her plate and bib are almost clean at the end of each meal now, thanks to the cane. This fussy pot is driving me bonkers!

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Minced Beef

A few days ago, I asked hubby to get me a packet of Jusco selection premium beef burger when he went to Jaya Jusco to shop for his catering stuff. This beef burger produced by Jusco is MSG and preservative free and costs around RM2 per piece. However, hubby didn’t want me or the gals to be eating processed meat, so he bought a pack of premium Australian minced beef. Want to know what I did with the minced beef? Wait for the pix ok? Coming soon……

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