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Another fun and not too difficult meme for me from this really hip and cool belly-dancing mummy of 2 beautiful kids.

Three things that scare me
1) Cockroaches 2) News of rape, murder, robberies and crimes 3) Getting inside the lift alone – that’s becoz I was trapped alone in a lift for 1/2 hr in pitch black darkness 2 years ago at my office building

Three people who make me laugh
1) Alycia 2) Sherilyn 3) My hubby

Three things I love
1) Blogging 2) Shopping 3) Vacations

Three things I hate
1) Cleaning up vomit 2) My daughters falling ill 3) Quarrels or misunderstandings with my loved ones.

Three things I don’t understand
1) Why some people don’t want a religion 2) Why some people would back-stab and go all out doing stupid things just to get what they want 3) Why the rich becomes richer and the poor remains poor, most of the time

Three things on my desk
1) Table clock 2) Dictionary 3) Telephone

Three things I am doing right now
1) Doing this tag 2) Talking and smiling to Sherilyn 3) Thinking of getting something to munch on

Three things I want to do before I die
1) Ensure my 2 gals are well taken care of 2) Travel to my favorite countries 3) Eat all the sinful and fattening food that i love but have always restrained myself from eating them like chocolates, nyonya kuih, nasi lemak, coconut candies, etc.

Three things I can do
1) Type real fast 2) Cook a real good meal if I put my heart into it 3) Take Shorthand real fast

Three things I can’t do
1) Play chess (and would really love to learn it one day) 2) Gamble 3) Smoke or drink

Three things I think you should listen to
1) Parents’ advice 2) Your guts feelings / intuition 3) Your children talking to you all the time (hard sometimes but important)

Three things you should never listen to
1) People bragging about how much and what they have, which reflects what you don’t have 2) Gossips 3) Hatred words / condemnation from someone on someone else

Three shows I watched as a kid
1) Incredible Hulk 2) America’s Greatest Hero 3) MacGuyver

Three people I am tagging :
1) Shern’s Mom
2) Lovely Mummy
3) Mummy to Chumsy

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Big Mess Caused By Miss Itchy Fingers

Just a moment ago, I left Alycia to decorate the balloons that daddy inflated and shaped them into animals for Alycia and Sherilyn yesterday. I gave her a magic color pencil and taught her to do some drawings on the balloon. As expected, she also decorated all her fingers with the magic color. Whilst I was busy wiping off the stains from her fingers with some wet tissues, Miss Itchy Fingers Sherilyn opened the drawer which I had forgotten to lock when I took out the wet tissue (I keep wet tissues, baby powder and baby lotion in this drawer). She then fished out the bottle of baby powder which she had set her eyes on it for a long long time and itching to play with it each time I opened the drawer…. twisted the cap and began pouring out the powder everywhere.

When I went inside the dining area from the kitchen, I saw the floor, drawer and Sherilyn’s arms and clothes covered with baby powder…. Miss Itchy Fingers had poured out almost half the bottle of baby powder and messed up the dining area. Great, it’s always like this….. whenever i’m busy with Alycia, Miss Itchy Fingers will surely be up to mischief and give me big surprises. I of course was very mad with Sherilyn but at the same time couldn’t help laughing to myself as she looked so comical covered with white powder all over. I should have taken a pic of her powder-covered hands. My lil’ brat never fails to amuse me with her antics. Life for me is certainly never a dull moment with my 2 gals.

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You’re A Crazy Woman and A Fatty Bom Bom

Yesterday was a Friday and being a pasar malam day at our housing estate, hubby bought me my favorite fruit, durian again. Oh how I love durian. I can eat them for a few days straight without getting sick of them, apart from getting a buldge in my tummy. So when he brought home the durians in the evening, I quickly opened the styrofoam lunch boxes and gobbled down a few seeds of durian. When Alycia saw me eating…

Alycia : Mummy, why are you eating durian? It’s dinner time already.

I just gave Alycia a smile and continued guzzling my durians.

Alycia : Mummy, it’s dinner time already, why are you eating so much durian…….hey, you are a crazy woman, really crazy and a fatty bom bom too.

I was shocked to hear Alycia say that to me. She must have picked this up from me when I said those words in the past.

Moral of the story is watch your words when your kids are around you. They are absorbing everything they hear like a dry thick sponge and will spill out those words at a time when you least expect them to.

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