Top 5 ‘Bribe’ Items For My 2 Toddlers

I always have the following top 5 ‘bribe’ items at home to avert a meltdown from my 2 gals :

1) Slice cheese or Laughing Cow cheese (all time favorite)
2) Pine nuts
3) Yoghurt
4) Biscuits or crackers
5) Barney DVDs, High 5 DVDs and karaoke nursery rhymes DVDs.

The trick is I cannot give these items to the gals sparingly. They have to earn their reward by behaving well and most times, I succeed in thwarting those dreaded meltdowns.

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What’s Wrong With The Offers From Tiga P?

There were so many offers from Tiga P a moment ago, most of which I was qualified for them but when I clicked on the opp title, there was a message in bold red stating “The opportunity was not approved or did not exist”. I notice this message appearing in many of the opps for the past few days. Really anti-climax leh, one minute you see so many offers highlighted in green or white up for grabs but only ‘see but can’t eat’. What a bummer.

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Maid Issues… Again

One of my dreaded worries finally came true a couple of days ago. My maid told us that she doesn’t want to renew her contract to continue working for us when her contract expires in December. She said she wants to start a small business back home. This means that hubby has to spend a few thousand ringgit on the agency fee to hire a new maid. I called up the maid agency yesterday and was told that the total amount for hiring a new maid will be a whopping RM6,200 upfront! Breakdown – agency fee around RM3,500 and 5 months advance salary @ RM450 per month. Wow, that’s a lot of money and hubby would have to pay thru his nose like that man. Also, the thought of getting a new maid and training her from scratch makes me shudder and gives me sleepless nights.

I’ve had pretty bad experiences with my previous 3 maids – the 1st maid poured urine and charm water into my drinking water, which I drank. The 2nd and 3rd maids (I had 2 maids when i was still working) brought their boyfriends back to my house in the wee hours of the morning and stole my sil’s and hubby’s handphone. My current maid is by far the best. She is very smart, educated and picks things up very fast. When she goes back to Indon, I will have to start all over again to train the new maid by waking up at 5:30am to show her how to do the household chores and teach her the basics of cooking, caring for toddlers, showing her the dos and don’t’s etc. That’s really very time consuming coz for the first few days, I actually have to do the chores myself and cook myself to show her. I don’t think I’ll even have time to blog then. I’m praying that my upcoming maid will have good attitude and easily trainable, else I’m really going to be really stressed up again.

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Home-made Beef Burger

This is what I did with the minced beef that hubby bought from Jusco several days ago. After my huge success with chicken nuggets, I decided to make beef burger and the result was very GOOD! This was also after countless number of failed attempts in making my own beef burger. Each time, they were either too rough or turned out to have lots of veins, thus making it hard for us to chew and swallow.

The type of beef used to make the burger plays an important role too. Hubby had bought good quality Australian beef and the texture of the beef burger this time was very smooth and very tasty. The recipe is exactly the same as the recipe for chicken nuggets.

The darker colour ones are beef burgers and the ones inside are chicken nuggets. Yes, I made a batch of beef burger and another batch of chicken nuggets and everyone loved them, especially Sherilyn, my herbivore. Even my fussy food critic hubby did not complain!

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