Mooncake festival is around the corner again. Though the festival only falls next month, restaurants and shops are capitalizing on the situation and most have already started selling mooncakes and lanterns aplenty since last month. I am not a great fan of mooncakes coz I find most of them sweet and of course they are fattening. Hubby loves mooncakes and several days ago, he bought a box of mooncakes from Shangri-La Hotel and i tell you, they are so expensive. Since he loves salted eggs, he bought all of them with double egg yolks…. tasty but fattening and high in cholestrol. The ones with double egg yolks cost the most, at around RM19 each. For me, I will never spend this much money on a small mooncake. I’d rather spend the money on healthier alternatives.

I quite like the ‘ping pei’ or crystal jade pandan flavored skin mooncake with red beans, minus the egg yolk.

We had dinner at Overseas Restaurant, Armada PJ last night and daddy bought the gals a plastic basket lantern with mooncake, costing RM4.80 each.

The mooncakes from Shangri-La Hotel, all with double egg yolks…. which make them double fattening!

Alycia enjoying her sunflower seeds mooncake (with no paste inside) for breakfast this morning. The mooncake came together with the plastic basket lantern. I like this type of mooncakes best coz they have no paste inside, not so sweet and have lots of sunflower seeds.
I also love the ‘jee jai yuet peng’ or piglet mooncakes, the ones in the tiny plastic ‘pig cages’ with a plastic string. I will try to get some of these for the gals later…. and also for myself. I used to love them when I was little.

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Issues With Tiga P Lagi

Tiga P is clamping down on bloggers lately. The latest I heard is that they are freezing accounts of bloggers to conduct investigation on their blogs. I know of several bloggers who just had their accounts suspended. Tiga P is really strict now but I feel they are still practising double standards. While some unlucky bloggers are ‘nabbed’, others who flout the T&C manage to get away. That’s why I have a few friends who had long fired this ‘lcly’ Tiga P. Tiga P….. when you don’t get offers from them, you feel one kind, like withdrawal symptoms but when you get them, you get all stressed up…

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What A Pose

Several days ago, hubby bought an Evan Almighty DVD for the gals. I normally won’t allow the gals to watch long movies but since this movie is a rendition of the modern Noah’s Ark, I’d allowed the gals to watch. One of Alycia’s favorite stories is also Noah’s Ark.

The gals were hooked to Evan Almighty. They loved watching the scores of animals lined up in twos clambering up the ark and the great flood coming. This picture was taken when Alycia watched Evan Almighty…. she was all wrapped up with the movie and was obviously oblivious that mummy had taken a pot shot of her… what a pose!

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