Back in KL

Just got back from Ipoh a moment ago. I have had a good break back at my hometown. Didn’t do much blogging, aside from posting 2 paid posts as the due date is today. Anyway, I took a lot of pix of hubby’s DIY cards to me during our courting days, some even date back to 20 years ago! Shall be posting those pix soon, as well as some of my old pix taken with The Imperfect Mom 20 years ago when we were 14 years old.

I also ate quite a bit of good Ipoh food and my dad’s cooking, woke up at 7am on two mornings straight (which is quite a rare event), didn’t wake up at crazy hours to check for offers and even skipped exercising! Gotta get back to work tomorrow – both exercising and blogging.

When I got down from the car, I saw that my letter box was filled with mail. I was actually expecting a cheque from Review Me and true enough, the first letter on top of the pile of letters was indeed from Review Me. Thank God it didn’t rain yesterday or today, else my cheque would have been soaked. Though the cheque is only for the amount of USD160, I am nevertheless very happy receiving my first cheque from RM. When I was in Ipoh, my brother also gave me my money which was transferred from my PayPal account in Singapore to his Singapore bank account. It’s really great tasting the fruit of my own hard labour.

BTW, this post marks the 500th post in my blog!

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