Alycia Is Off Diapers During Naptime Today

As I was in a good mood this afternoon, I decided to try letting Alycia go diaperless during her afternoon nap. After the naptime story, I asked Alycia if she’d like to sleep without her diaper today. To my surprise, Alycia nodded and said “I don’t want to wear diaper”. I then praised her and put her potty next to the mattress on the floor and told her that if she wants to wee wee, she has to do it on her potty. I also placed a piece of water-proof paper on top of the water-proof plastic mat, just in case of accidents.

An hour later, I woke Alycia up and brought her to pee in her potty. She wasn’t cranky at all but was smiling proudly as I gave her lots of praises, hugs and kisses. An hour later again, as she was still deep in her sleep, I whispered this into her ear “baby, you are not wearing diaper, please don’t wee wee in your pants ok?” to which Alycia nodded with her eyes closed. She woke up half an hour later with her pants still dry! I am so proud of her. Hopefully Alycia will be diaperless too at night real soon. That can save me so much money on her expensive XXL Mamy Poko diapers and XXL Drypers diapers.

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TigaP Issues Again

One of my posts which got rejected by TigaP was rejected again, the 3rd time on the same post. The first time, they said I used sentences from the web release and advertiser’s site. The 2nd time, they said I didn’t put in enough links to the advertiser’s site (i think they imposed this condition after i had submitted my post, from 3 links to 5 links) and the 3rd time, they were really nit-picking on me. They said I posted this post after a paid post. I never knew they dont even allow TigaP posts to be posted after a non-TigaP paid post. I thought we have to include a non-paid post after the TigaP post but now, looks like the TigaP post MUST be sandwiched between TWO NON-PAID posts which cannot be tags or scraps or any posts which do not look like a non-paid post. Is that a known rule for all TigaP posts to be sandwiched by 2 non-paid posts? Just so pissed off with TigaP, wasting all my time just fixing one post.

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