The Gals Are Sticking To Mah Mah Like Glue

Yes they are. Since my mil came back from Hong Kong last night, the gals have been sticking to her like glue and didn’t want to be separated from her. Before bedtime last night, the gals went to mah mah’s room and played on her bed and insisted that they wanted to sleep with her but that didn’t happen as it was already very late and we didn’t want to carry the heavy queen-size mattress from the gals’ room to mah mah’s room. The gals only slept after midnight and woke up at 8am to stick to mah mah again. They were so happy to have a breakfast of fishballs, noodles and kuih with mah mah as I seldom serve them these food for breakfast.

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Mil is Back

My mil is back from Hong Kong last night and will be staying here for a few weeks before she flies to New Zealand to help my sil with her twins toddlers. Now, I have an extra pair of hands and eyes to help me with the gals. The gals are crazy over their mah mah and are sticking to her like ants to honey. Now that’s good news to me, at least I can work on my computer in peace.

I shall post pictures of the clothes and goodies that my sils in Hong Kong bought for me and the gals. My sil bought soooooo many beautiful and branded clothes for the gals from Hong Kong that I think I don’t have to buy them anymore clothes until next year. There were also lots of Disney and Barney sticker books and colouring books, washable magic colours, a huge bubble-maker gun, ELC educational toys, organic crackers and organic chocolate milk and much more. I also got a trendy Le Sport Sac handbag. The gals are truly blessed to have such a good koo mah and koo koo. Next Monday, this koo mah from HK will come to KL with her 1.5 yo son and maid and stay at our place for a week. It will be the first time Alycia and Sherilyn are meeting their cousin brother and I think they will all have so much fun playing with each other like a house on fire.

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Sweet and Sour Minced Chicken Meat

This is another simple and very tasty dish for kids and adults too. Alycia loves it very much.

Ingredients :
Chicken breast, coarsely blended and marinated with soya sauce and pepper
3 ripe tomatoes, blended
1 Bombay onion, cut into rings
Chopped garlic
Freshly chopped spring onions
Around 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce
Mixed herbs and Lea and Perrin sauce (optional)

Method :
Fry the garlic and bombay onions until fragrant. Put in the blended chicken meat. Stir fry for another 5 minutes. Add in the blended tomato paste and tomato sauce. Fry for another 5 minutes and add in the spring onions after the fire is turned off.

I normally make one big batch and store them into individual tupperware containers and deep freeze them. The following day or days later, I will cook spaghetti or pasta and use this as the sauce or make pizza bread using this as the topping.

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New Books From Granny

My mum bought the gals lots of new books, jig-saw puzzles and foam puzzles when we were in Ipoh and the gals had fun reading the new books and playing with the new puzzles with granny.

The gals love the series of books under Thematic Reading Scheme, a local publisher. It is also easy for me to read to them as the words are big and on one page whilst the pictures are on another page, so the gals won’t get distracted by the pictures when I read to them.

Hello Kitty and Mickey & Minnie Mouse jig-saw puzzles.

Foam puzzles.

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