Alycia Is Off Diapers During Nap Time (Part 2)

Today is the third day Alycia is off diapers during her afternoon nap and I must say, both Alycia and I did a good job. When I woke Alycia up to pee an hour later into her nap, she wasn’t cranky but just a tad bit groggy and I had to half carry her up from the mattress on the floor to the potty. After peeing, she went back to sleep without any fuss. She’s now peacefully sleeping on the mattress. I better go and whisper some magical words into her ears now to brainwash her not to pee in her pants….

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I Can’t Believe I Did It

When I’d accepted the 6 offers from my favorite advertiser this morning, I thought I would not be able to complete them by tomorrow but heck, I managed to complete all today. The advertiser has even approved a couple of my posts. Luckily my mil is around to help me watch over the gals, else I don’t think I can even complete the assignments by tomorrow.

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What A Mess

Several days ago as I was busy working at my computer, Sherilyn was entertaining herself and drawing at the dining table. She was singing away cheerily as she was drawing. Then, from singing she switched to counting. I heard her counting from 1 to 10 perfectly without any mistakes. Suddenly, I felt something fishy going on. Why was she counting for no reason I asked myself. When I went to the dining area, I saw her pulling tissue papers from the tissue box and tearing them into bits and pieces as she threw them on the floor. No wonder she was counting. I reprimanded her and hit her hand as I had warned her countless times before not to play with tissue papers. She of course wailed.

My maid and Alycia helped to keep the tissue papers into a plastic bag, to be recycled later, whilst Sherilyn watched with pouting Daisy Duck lips.

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Nice Smell Wafting From The Kitchen…Again

Whenever my mil stays with us, we all get to enjoy her cooking. As I am typing this post, again I can smell the aroma of stewed pork ribs in seafood sauce wafting up from the kitchen. The smell is making my tummy rumble again. I have to resist popping food into my mouth now as I’m waiting for hubby to bring home durians from the pasar malam… just tell me how am I to loose weight like that with so much temptations from so many sources? Never mindlah, i’ll just eat now and diet later, when everyone goes back.

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Alycia Only Wants Her Mah Mah

Ever since my mil came back from Hong Kong on Wednesday, Alycia has been glued to her. Alycia tends to act up whenever I try to ‘separate’ her from her mah mah like when I asked her to take her bath, take her afternoon nap or go to bed at night. She doesn’t even want me to bathe her, brush her teeth or feed her. Everything is “I want mah mah!” Well, I am not jealous at all… in fact I am so glad I can be temporary relieved of these mundane tasks for the next few weeks, phew……

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Nice Smell Coming From The Kitchen

As I am typing this post, my tummy is growling and rumbling away as I hear my mil clanking the spatula away on the wok frying meehoon with shredded pumpkin strips, strips of chicken meat, dried shrimps and bean sprouts. This is a recipe which she had learnt from a Taiwanese friend. I shall take pix of the noodles and post it later. I think she has finished cooking the noodles now as I can hear her opening the kitchen drawer to bring out a dish. Let me check out the kitchen now……

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Sherilyn’s Artwork

Alycia and Sherilyn love drawing and writing. From their drawings, I can see that their imagination is really good. Alycia can draw a rocket, an anklet, a necklace, marbles, lollipops, ice-cream and just about anything that her imagination fancies. Here, Sherilyn is seen trying to draw spiders on her doodle pro.

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Sweet Memories (part 2)

When I was back at my house in Ipoh, I managed to fish out a couple of my old pix whilst I was rummaging through my old closet.

This pic was taken in Pulau Kapas, Terengganu during one of our camping trips when I was 16 years old. I am the one wearing a peach colour t-shirt on the right and the one seated on the wooden bridge is Theimperfectmom. The one directly above Theimperfectmom is Irene, a former Ipoh Teen Princess. She’s now happily married to an Aussie Taiwanese and residing in S’pore. The one on the left is Jo and currently working in San Francisco. The tallest one behind me is Poh Lin. I haven’t heard from her for ages but I last heard that she’s now a psychologist.

This pic was taken when we were all 15 years old, during our very first camping trip at Pulau Sekadeh in Pangkor Island. From left to right : Li Lian, me, Jo and Theimperfectmom.

How I miss my childhood days and I must say, I’ve had a very good childhood, filled with lots of fun, adventure, mischief and laughter. I’d do anything if only I could turn back the clock.

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A Fun-filled and Food-filled Week Ahead

Next week we can expect a fun-filled week as my eldest sil from Hong Kong will be here in KL with her 1.5 yo son and my hubby’s heart surgeon uncle from London will also be coming with his wife and 6 mo son. I’m sure my gals will have lots of fun playing with their new cousin and little uncle. There’re also bound to be lots of makan in restaurants and more durians to eat as everyone is just as durian crazed as me, more so for these visitors from overseas deprieved of good quality durian. Today, I’m sure my hubby will buy durian for my mil from the pasar malam as my mil is also a durian lover. I have actually gained 1kg over the last 1 month resulting from eating too much of durian and sitting in front of my computer for long hours. Sitting for long hours is not good and bad for one’s tummy.

I can never resist good quality durians, especially the Musang King, XO, D24 and dunno what it’s called the deep orange colored creamy durian. Fuiyoh, i can just eat 10 seeds of them in 1 day. Yikes, i better have better self-control over my eating habits. I hope no one buys mooncakes too coz if I see them, I will surely indulge in a piece or two of these fattening empty calorie sinful grub.

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Goong Goong’s Birthday Celebration

We celebrated goong goong’s (my dad) 64th birthday at a Chinese Restaurant last Saturday. We had a real sumptuous dinner and these are some of the dishes we had :

Stewed lamb with radish.

Crispy dried pan-fried prawns with superior sauce.

Steamed fish.

Double-boiled free-range chicken soup with ginseng, flower mushrooms, bamboo fungus, wolfberries and red dates.

Crispy roasted chicken with prawn crackers.

Alycia and Sherilyn enjoying their meals.
Sherilyn giving the thumbs-up to the fried longevity noodles.

There was also a huge delicious chocolate fudge cake and the gals had such a good time gorging on the cake laced with chocolate and sandwiched with rich creamy toffee in the middle. Since it was a holiday, I allowed them to indulge in some sinful food. I too indulged in some sinful food and even skipped my daily morning exercise regime for 2 days.

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Lucky Day

The early bird certainly catches bountiful of worms. I got up at 5:30am today and saw a bunch of offers on my browser from my favorite advertiser. There were 7 of them but I only accepted 6 coz I know I may not be able to complete them within 2 days. The most difficult part about writing for this advertiser is that there must be 2 non-paid posts between each paid posts, which means that I must have 12 non-paid posts for these 6 paid posts. Now, let me crack my head on what to write. I really need lots of brainwave now to get the ideas surging. Let me go jogging later for that’s when all my writing ideas keep flowing out from my head. Anyway, I must thank my favorite advertiser for giving me these offers, for the prompt approval of my posts and for the prompt payments too.

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