Yummy Pasar Malam Food

Yesterday, we feasted on pasar malam food for dinner. Alycia and Sherilyn got their first taste of ‘look look’ (fish balls on satay stick) and were hooked to them. Hubby bought popiah, ‘look look’, chicken and beef satay, deef fried boneless chicken chop, nyonya kuih and of course durians – everyone’s all-time favorite.

Deep-fried boneless chicken chop.

Nyonya kuih


Sherilyn enjoying the ‘look look’.
Word of caution : kids are to eat this under close adult supervision as the satay stick is very sharp.

Chicken and beef satay

‘ Look Look’

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It’s another one more month to the Mooncake festival but daddy has already bought Alycia and Sherilyn lanterns and candles to play. Daddy also bought one lantern for little aunty Wei Wei (hubby’s cousin sister who’s 4 yo), cousin Ernest (hubby’s 1.5yo nephew) and little uncle Conor (hubby’s baby cousin who’s 6 mo) who will be arriving KL from Hong Kong and London next week.

Last night, for the first time in their lives, Alycia and Sherilyn played with lanterns and lit up candles outside our porch.

Alycia with her beloved mah mah.

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Breakfast With Mah Mah

Being a health freak, I hardly ever serve my gals kuih or hawkers’ food for breakfast. Their breakfast normally consist of fruits or orange juice, an egg or Edamame beans or steamed sweet potatoes or steamed sweet corns, cereal, biscuits or plain chiffon cake. But since their mah mah is here, the gals had kuih and packed porridge for breakfast yesterday. Today they had fishball noodles. It’s ok to relax the rigid rules sometimes and let them enjoy some nice food with their beloved mah mah.

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I Am A Pack Rat

I admit that sometimes I am quite a pack rat. Whenever I see empty bottles, tins, containers and paper bags that are cute, colourful and stylish, I don’t have the heart to chuck them away. Instead, I will keep them for months or sometimes even years and when I finally run out of space to store them or when I am finally satisfied of keeping them long enough, I give or throw them away. One of the items that has been sitting on my toilet cistern for months is this empty Cicco baby bath bottle. I find the teddy bear bottle too cute to discard and thus, it is now a decor item in my bathroom.

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Soooo Sleepy

Several days ago when my mil came back from Hong Kong, the gals stuck to their mah mah like glue and only went to bed way past 12 midnight. The following morning, they woke up early to stick to mah mah again. As they didn’t get enough sleep, they were naturally very sleepy towards the afternoon. Sherilyn was so sleepy that she even dozed off whilst drinking her milk from the bottle. My maid had to feed her the remaining milk from the bottle by removing the teat as she just wasn’t sucking the milk from the teat, like this:

But she was sooooo sleepy that she just couldn’t move her body or swallow her milk and she just lay asleep on the couch like a log like this :

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New Hairstyle

I am not too pleased with Alycia’s and Sherilyn’s new hairstyle. The hairstylist didn’t do a good job. Though I had specifically given instructions to my maid and mil to tell the hairstylist not to cut too short, it still turned out pretty short and way above their chin level. They look so funny and matured in the new hairstyle and especially Sherilyn, she doesn’t look babyish and cute in this hairstyle. I am quite disappointed. Another lesson learnt for me – I’ll make sure I am at the hair salon the next time the gals go for their haircut.

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Fun With Bubbles

My gals are balloon and bubble crazed. Recently, the gals’ koo koo (youngest sil) bought them an ELC battery-operated bubble maker from Hong Kong and they had so much fun playing with it. Even I find the bubble maker amusing. I normally bring them to the park to blow bubbles so that they will not dirty the floor of our porch but yesterday, I was too lazy to bring them to the park, so they played at the porch and dirtied the floor with soap. But it’s ok, we parents cannot make rules so rigid at times, else our kids will not have an enjoyable childhood. It’s really nice to see Alycia so happy shooting bubbles from the gun whilst Sherilyn chasing after them.

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The Gals Have Gone For A Haircut

My mil and my maid have just left the house to bring Alycia and Sherilyn for a haircut. The gals have not had a haircut for months already and their hair is becoming long and messy. My mil cannot stand the sight of their long and messy hair, especially during meal times coz the gals don’t like their hair tied up and their hair keep touching the food. I’m actually quite worried that the hair-dresser will cut their hair too short and make them look like tomboys so I kept reminding Alycia, my mil and my maid to tell the hair-dresser to keep their hair a chin level and to have a concave hairstyle as the gals have always looked pretty in concave hairstyle. I hope they will come back looking pretty and girlish.

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Educational Toys and Books

These are the ELC educational toys and goodies that koo mah bought Alycia and Sherilyn from Hong Kong recently. I have not let the gals play with them yet as they still have a few batches of new toys to play with and new books to read. I now have a closet full of the gals’ new toys, books and stickers given to them by their aunties and grandparents and I will only release them in small spurts or when I’ve run out of ideas to prevent a meltdown.

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Please Don’t Fall Sick

My maid is having the sniffles and I’m so afraid she’ll spread the virus to my 2 gals. I’ve given her Clarinase and Nurofen for the last 2 days and hopefully, she’ll recover in no time. If my gals catch my maid’s cold bug, I’m pretty sure there’ll be a domino effect and everyone in the family will kena too, including me. And who suffers the most? It has to be me coz when the gals and I fall sick, I don’t get MC or rest and work continues as usual, with OT round the clock but no OT payment from the big boss. Hubby’s pocket would also suffer a big hole when he has to bring everyone to see the doctor. So please God, please don’t let anyone of us catch my maid’s cold bug.

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Investing in Tea

Anyone wants to invest in tea? More and more people are choosing to invest in tea these days, especially Pu Err tea as the prices of tea (good quality, superior tea) have been going up steadily for the last few years. In fact, the price of tea has gone up even higher than the price of gold. The older the tea is, the more price it will fetch. Unbelievable eh? I also find it hard to believe but I’ve been reading it from the internet and from the papers very frequently these days.

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Not Much Sleep

I didn’t get much sleep last night. I think I only have about 2-3 hours of deep sleep last night. I was actually having insomnia. Yea, me having insomnia, of all people. Already severly deprived of sleep, I just couldn’t get into deep sleep as I had drank some Pu Err chinese tea in the late evening. We had some relatives at our house yesterday and we feasted on some pasar malam food, lots of durians and kuih. My mil then brewed some very nice Pu Err tea and since it’s an expensive tea (around HKD1800), I decided to drink a cup or two and when bedtime came, sei lor, i just couldn’t sleep. I just tossed and turned on my bed and went downstairs to check for offers a few times but just couldn’t sleep. Good lesson learnt for me, never drink tea after 6pm in future, especially chinese tea.

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