A Day of Eating Junkies and Outside Food

Today is a day of eating junkies and outside food for Alycia and Sherilyn. At sunday school this morning, there was a birthday party and the gals feasted on birthday cake laced with rich chocolate cream. There were also biscuits, chocolate and M&Ms. As I wasn’t around to supervise the gals (I was attending service inside the church), my maid allowed the gals to gorge on so much biscuits, especially Sherilyn who munched and munched on her favorite Tiger Susu biscuits till her hair, hands and clothes had biscuit crumbs and chocolate cream stains. When we got home, we had bah kut teh from Klang, ‘yau char kwai’, ‘hum cheem peng’ and fishhead noodles for lunch. The gals also feasted on them. Later, we will be going out for dinner and again, the gals will be feasting on MSG loaded food. I just hope they won’t fall sick tomorrow as they are not used to eating so much outside food and junkies in one day.

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