Mooncakes Galore

Mooncake with nuts, seeds and bacon strips.

Disney Winnie The Pooh mooncake.

These are the mooncakes that my sil brought back from Hong Kong. My favorite are the ones with lots of seeds, nuts and strips of roasted bacon. The ain’t too sweet and are loaded with seeds and nuts and are very tasty too. There are even Pooh Bear mooncakes from Disney Land. There goes my diet plan….. my calories have far exceeded my output. I guess I have to increase the intensity and duration of my jogging sessions before my pouch becomes a permanent feature!

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Tag : Nice Matters Award

I must thank QiQi’s mom for honouring me with this award. According to the originator of the Nice Matters award it is intended for “those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!” For those receiving the award, you may like to pass on the award to 7 whom you think deserves it.

And I now bestow upon this award to the following wonderful bloggers :

1. Chumsy’s Mummy

2. Hip n Cool Momma

3. Malaika’s Mum

4. Erica and Ellisa’s Mummy

5. Shern’s Mummy

6. Chloe’s Mummy

7. Mamajo

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Short Holiday at Hilton Sentral KL

We checked into Hilton Sentral Hotel in the afternoon last Saturday for a one-night stay. Shortly after checking into the Executive Floor, we went to the lounge for light snacks. All food and beverages as well as usage of the gym and wireless broadband internet are free for guests on the Executive Floor. After tea, we went down to the 8th floor for swimming. The gals and daddy had a very enjoyable time in the water and the weather was perfect, though a tad windy as it had just drizzled. After swimming, we had our shower and then proceeded to the Executive Lounge again for dinner and enjoyed the beautiful night view of KL and lights from the 33rd floor. As the gals didn’t have their nap, they went to bed at 10pm and me…. I slept at 10pm too, the first time in dont know how many umpteen years that I could sleep that early. And for once, I didn’t have to bother waking up early and slept until 7am the following morning.

After American buffet breakfast at the Exec Lounge, the gals went to the pool again. After swimming, we all had our shower and then I took a mid-morning nap whilst the gals watched cartoon. Just before we checked out, we went to Chyna Chinese Restaurant for Dim Sum.

It was 1.5 days of pure bliss, fun, eating and sleeping for everyone. The gals even had a beautiful tan on their bodies. Whilst the gals, my maid and I enjoyed ourselves, poor hubby had a terrible bout of food poisoning. He purged and vomited the whole night and even had to drive himself to the clinic whilst we had fun in the hotel.

We are planning the next hotel stay at Shangri-La Hotel.

Alycia and Sherilyn enjoying their sandwiches.

Sherilyn admiring the view of KL from the Executive Lounge on the 33rd floor of the hotel.

Alycia and Sherilyn all set and raring to go swimming.

After 1.5 days of continuous fun and excitement, the gals were so tired that they were completely knocked off within minutes of getting into the car on the way home.

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