What’s Inside The Packet?

Yesterday morning as I was having my morning stroll, I suddenly had the urge to eat something that I’ve not eaten for quite some time. So I went to the van selling breakfast and packed that food. I couldn’t wait to reach home to feast on the food. Want to know what’s inside the packet? Scroll up and read.

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How We Spent Our Merdeka Day

We went to Mid Valley Megamall at around 11am today and as it was a public holiday, the traffic was pretty horrendous. There were oceans of people and a human traffic jam at Mid Valley. We wanted to have lunch at Dragon-I but the queue was crazy. We then retreated and went to American Chillis instead. We ordered 2 mugs of brocolli & cheese soup, an Oldtimer’s burger, a spaghetti and a Fajitas combo comprising chicken and beef. With 2 main meals, we got 2 kids’ meal FOC. After lunch, we went windown shopping and I went into a newly opened Crocs boutique. I saw the Crocs shoes that my sil bought Alycia and Sherilyn from Hong Kong and they cost RM129 each. I saw a Crocs sandals that I really love that came in 3 colors, i.e. lime green & white, pink & white and baby blue & white. I looked great on them but when I saw the price tag, I put the sandals back. At RM169 for a pair of plastic sandals, I can get almost 4 pairs of cheaper shoes from Vincci. Well, if I were still working, I’d have bought the Crocs sandals without any second thoughts. After that, we headed to Jaya Jusco supermarket and bought a trolley load of groceries. The human traffic jam was a real turn off and we left Mid Valley in no time. I tend to have a phobia shopping with my 2 beautiful gals at a crowded place, for fear of my gals being kidnapped.

Back home, after putting the gals to nap, my mil and hubby went to the pasar malam and bought our weekly supply of vegetables, fish and fruits. My mil also bought our favorite ‘lok lok’ (steamboat) and of course durians! I ate so much lok lok that I am now so bloated. Luckily we are having something light for dinner – porridge. And guess what porridge we are having? It’s porridge with dried scallops, dried oysters, chicken and a can of Australian abalones. Sounds yummy eh?

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Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! These were the words I heard from a group of primary school kids chanting outside my house whilst we were having breakfast at around 9am yesterday morning. The troop of students, all dressed up in national costumes together with their teachers from a nearby school were marching round the neighbourhood holding flags and banners. There was even a police car accompanying the troop. What a thoughtful act of patriotism shown by the school.

To all Malaysians out there, happy 50th hari kemerdekaan (independence day) to us!

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Blog Approved

I am just so happy that this particuar advertiser has approved my blog several days ago. I was 5th time lucky this time. I’d submitted and re-submitted my blog as well as written to them a couple of times in the past few months but I kept getting the same message “your blog will only be approved if you host your blog in your own domain or at least have a PR in your blog”. Since my blog is still relatively new and I hardly have time to migrate my blog to my own domain, I decided to give myself another try by writting to them again and this time, I prayed hard for a favorable reply and thank God, my prayer was answered. My blog was approved and I was given 2 assignments!

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