Balloons, Party Whistles and Confetti

I’ve mentioned before that my hubby will do anything or buy anything that his 2 princesses command for. Several days ago as hubby was about to leave the house for his office in the morning, the gals wanted his attention and started to act up. So daddy promised them that he would buy them balloons (the long ones like sausages as the gals specifically ordered). Later in the evening, I thought the gals would forget about daddy’s promise, afterall it was just another empty promise to subdue them but boy was I wrong. The gals kept mentioning about it the whole day. Daddy kept his promise. Not only did he buy sausage-shaped balloons, he also bought a packet of party whistles and a can of party strings/confetti. To me, they are a waste of money but to daddy, it’s his way of showing his love to his 2 princesses.

Daddy inflating the balloons with a pump.

Daddy even mastered the skill of shaping and twisting the balloons into animals from the clowns at the hotels that we normally patronize.

The gals happily blowing the party whistles whilst daddy was trying to amuse them with the can of confetti.

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18 thoughts on “Balloons, Party Whistles and Confetti

  1. Your hubby really good wor…. go to the extra lenght to make your girls happy.

    How I wish my hubby can do that… he’s sooooo lazy these days!

  2. I should said, you should be proud of your hubby….he indeed a good & loving daddy….money can’t buy these type of daddy lor

  3. Must be nice having a caring and affectionate husband :). Post your family picture sometimes if you have the time. Wow you post > 30 posts for August already :O

  4. Hi,

    Just want to know is that very hard to blow the long balloons? I bought it too but seems like very difficult to pump. Mind to share?


  5. Vivian… when u pump the balloon, you have to hold on to the opening of the balloon tightly so that the air will not be released.

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