Big Mess Caused By Miss Itchy Fingers

Just a moment ago, I left Alycia to decorate the balloons that daddy inflated and shaped them into animals for Alycia and Sherilyn yesterday. I gave her a magic color pencil and taught her to do some drawings on the balloon. As expected, she also decorated all her fingers with the magic color. Whilst I was busy wiping off the stains from her fingers with some wet tissues, Miss Itchy Fingers Sherilyn opened the drawer which I had forgotten to lock when I took out the wet tissue (I keep wet tissues, baby powder and baby lotion in this drawer). She then fished out the bottle of baby powder which she had set her eyes on it for a long long time and itching to play with it each time I opened the drawer…. twisted the cap and began pouring out the powder everywhere.

When I went inside the dining area from the kitchen, I saw the floor, drawer and Sherilyn’s arms and clothes covered with baby powder…. Miss Itchy Fingers had poured out almost half the bottle of baby powder and messed up the dining area. Great, it’s always like this….. whenever i’m busy with Alycia, Miss Itchy Fingers will surely be up to mischief and give me big surprises. I of course was very mad with Sherilyn but at the same time couldn’t help laughing to myself as she looked so comical covered with white powder all over. I should have taken a pic of her powder-covered hands. My lil’ brat never fails to amuse me with her antics. Life for me is certainly never a dull moment with my 2 gals.

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4 thoughts on “Big Mess Caused By Miss Itchy Fingers

  1. Girlie… if she had done that, i think i would have laughed out loudly coz i can imagine how hilarious she’d hv looked then LOL…

  2. oh ya….saw you mention drawer with lock? where you purchase it huh? I have been search high and low for this kind of drawer ler…..really hard to find…same like you…need place to ‘lock’ all those stuff..ha,ha..mind sharing?

  3. Mamajo… you can get the drawer locks from hardware shops and also shops that sell baby items like Safe n Sound, Chicco, Mothercare, etc.

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