Issues With Tiga P Lagi

Tiga P is clamping down on bloggers lately. The latest I heard is that they are freezing accounts of bloggers to conduct investigation on their blogs. I know of several bloggers who just had their accounts suspended. Tiga P is really strict now but I feel they are still practising double standards. While some unlucky bloggers are ‘nabbed’, others who flout the T&C manage to get away. That’s why I have a few friends who had long fired this ‘lcly’ Tiga P. Tiga P….. when you don’t get offers from them, you feel one kind, like withdrawal symptoms but when you get them, you get all stressed up…

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4 thoughts on “Issues With Tiga P Lagi

  1. they are some golden fingers out there. i kinda know one of them >( but not sure if this person also did it to my blog! *#@!+&

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