North Indian Cuisine

Last Saturday, DH brought us for an unplanned lunch at Saffron Restaurant, a restaurant that specializes in North Indian cuisine located at Sri Hartamas. The food are all home-cooked, using loads of spices and are very tasty, even my fussy food critic hubby enjoyed the food. Here’s what we ate :

Fish Kofta – fish with potato patties

Butter chicken – boneless chicken braised in creamy almond and butter sauce. Very tasty and rich.

Bhoona Gosht – mutton braised in a highly spiced gravy of tomatoes, onions and herbs. The mutton was tender and the gravy was very flavourful.

Saffron rice

Pumpkin Rai – cubes of pumpkin flavored with ginger and mustard seed.

Paratha bread – layered wholewheat flat bread – everyone’s favorite. Tastes like sweet roti canai

Thick dhall with lots of herbs and chick peas.


We had a dessert of home-made almond ice-cream and durian ice-cream but I find the ice-cream a tad too sweet for me.

Overall, the food was good and the bill came up to RM103.

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4 thoughts on “North Indian Cuisine

  1. Mom to chumsy… the food is really good. If u like indian food, u shd try this place.

    Girlie… the gals ate the chapati and pratha bread. Aly ate the chicken coz it’s not that spicy.

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