Washable Magic Color

These are the washable ELC magic color chunkie pens that my sil bought the gals from Hong Kong recently. The ink comes off super easily when wiped with wet wipes and does not leave any stains behind. Yesterday, the gals were drawing with these magic color pens and they stained their hands and table. I used wet wipes to remove the stains from their hands and table and I was so glad that the stains could come off very easily. No scrubbing was needed.

The magic color stains on the table.

Just use a piece of wet wipes to wipe off the stains.

The stains came out easily when wiped with wet wipes. Notice how clean and shiny the table is after I’d wiped it with the wet wipes.

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What’s Stewing Inside The Crockpot?

Would anyone like to guess what’s stewing inside this crockpot? Hint – they’re something rare from the deep ocean, they are very costly and can only be eaten in certain restaurants. Some people like them cooked with soup while some people like them stewed and eaten like a piece of steak. If you still have no clue what they are, scroll up and read on.

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Alycia Going Back To Pre-School

After a 6-month break for Alycia, I have decided to send her back to pre-school tomorrow. She has not fallen sick for more than 1 month now and praying hard that her immune system is stronger now, I hope she will love going to school again and will not fall sick so easily. Going back to school will mean going to bed early, no more playing till almost midnight, waking up at 7:45am, doing homework, having to attend extra Mandarin classes twice a week and more work for me. I will have less computer time in the morning as I have to prepare Alycia’s lunch-box and get her ready for school. I also have to coach her in her homework in the afternoon. I just hope everything will fall neatly and smoothly into place tomorrow and that Alycia will not puke in the morning after her milk. For the first few days when Alycia started pre-school, she puked each morning after her milk. Maybe she wasn’t used to waking up early and maybe she felt a little stressed up having to go to school but I hope that now, Alycia would have outgrown this and will have no problem waking up early and getting ready for school.

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Placating A Whining Child

This afternoon just before nap time, Alycia was acting up and was whining away. I tried to placate her by reading a story book to her but that did not stop her from whining. Suddenly, I choked on my own saliva and kept coughing. As Alycia was still whining away in my ear, I pretended to ‘choke myself to death’ and after coughing for a moment, I ‘lay motionless’ on the mattress. Alycia was shocked to see mummy ‘lying motionless’ on the mattress and she stopped whining. As she called out “mummy, mummy, mummy….” and on the verge of tears, she took her bolster and hit my face, as if trying to wake me up. She then slapped my face gently and tried to force open my eyes. When I couldn’t hold it anymore, I burst out laughing and gave her a big hug. Alycia too began to laugh and soon, she had forgotten all about what she was whining about and gladly went to nap.

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