Blogger Problem or My Computer Problem?

Remember I wrote a post about me encountering some problems with my blog? I have deleted some files from my C drive, as advised by Cherry and also performed a disk defragmentation. However, the problem still persisted. Each time I clicked on my blog to perform a task, eg. clicked on a link to another website, clicked on the perma link, clicked to edit post, clicked to create new post, etc., it would take at least 3 minutes for my computer to process the task. In addition, a message which states “Stack overflow at line : 63” or “Out of memory in line : 56” would apprear. Most times, my blog will just ‘hang’ and I would have to close it a few times and log into Blogger again. However, if I perform a task or even a few tasks within half a minute of logging in to my blog, my computer will have no problems processing the tasks. Once the half minute is up, my blog will hang and the error message would appear. I have no problems logging in to other websites. This is really driving me nuts. So much time is wasted everyday.

I’m not going to write to Blogger Help Desk for support coz it’s useless. I’d in the past written to them a couple of times but never got a reply.

Can someone please help me solve my problem, pretty please?

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Watching TV

Each night before I have a quick scrub in the bathroom attached to our room, I’ll put on a DVD for the gals to watch. Watching tv is the only time my gals will sit still or lie still. I know the box is not a good thing for kids but with my gals, it’s only when the tv is switched on that they will not jump, run, hop, climb and touch forbidden items. I used to lock Sherilyn up in her cot but now, she can climb out from her cot. So I let her stay on my bed with Alycia. It’s only when the gals watch tv that I can take my bath in peace, else I would hear screams and fights, bangs and thuds and my heart will palpitate as I bathe in fear.

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Tag : Some Interesting Facts About Me

Got tagged by this real hip and cool belly-dancing mommy to 2 beautiful kids.

Where is your cell phone? Next to my computer

Relationship? Married to a man whom I’ve known for 22 years.

Your hair? Long and fine.

Work? SAHM who’s also earning some money writing sponsored reviews.

Your sisters? Nil

Your favorite thing? Computer

Your dream last night? Something aweful and it kinda came true today but I’m not telling what it is.

Your favorite drink? Lime / lemon juice.

Your dream car? Nissan Murano / Lexus

The room you’re in? Living room

Your shoes? Nike jogging shoes and fake Crocs slippers 🙂

Your fears? Loosing my loved ones.

What do you want to be in 10 years? A happy and contented SAHM.

Who did you hang out with this weekend? My family.

What are you not good at? Singing

Muffin? Banana

One of your wish list items? RM1million in my bank account.

Where you grew up? Lovely hilly and limestones city of Ipoh .

Last thing you did? A 15-minute power nap

What are you wearing? Shorts and a red Esprit t-shirt

What aren’t you wearing? Make-up

Your pet? Used to have a Beagle but now only some nemos.

Your computer? Dell

Your life? Happy but can be better.

Your mood? Happy

Missing? Good Ipoh food.

What are you thinking about right now? Alycia’s homework – she still hasn’t done it yet.

Your car? I prefer to walk 🙂

Your kitchen? Simple

Your summer? I prefer winter.

Your favorite color? Pink

Last time you laughed? Just a moment ago when Sherilyn made me laughed.

Last time you cried? Can’t recall.

School? MGS Ipoh, Rima Secretarial Finishing College, Malaysian Institute of Personnel Management (Professional course in Human Resource Management)

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