Alycia 1st Day of School

Yesterday was Alycia’s first day of school after resting for more than 6 months. As expected, she puked after her milk in the morning. This time, I knew instantly that she was actually nervous going to school. When she first woke up in the morning, she pretended to cough. After her milk, she told me that she had tummy ache and acted as if she wanted to puke. Minutes later, she puked in the sink.

My mil and I walked her to school with Sherilyn tagging along as my hubby had to send his car for service. When she was at the school compound, the teachers were surprised to see her back at school. As it was a Monday, the school kids had to sing Negaraku and the school song. When we were about to leave, she was almost in tears as her mah mah was there and she wanted to ‘manja’ her mah mah.
Fast forward to yesterday evening. I told Alycia that she had to do her homework but she gave me a host of excuses like hand pain, very tired, pencil is too big, she needs a plaster for her thumb (which was perfectly fine), etc. I gave her a good lecture and she began to put in some effort and concentration.

Hopefully, Alycia will get used to going to school and having to do homework and I certainly hope that she can pick up from where she left behind. Most of her classmates are way ahead of her. Most importantly, I hope Alycia’s immune system has strengthened and will not fall sick so easily.

Sherilyn, my little social butterfly on the other hand was so excited being at the school. She was happily mingling with the teachers and as we walked her back home, she kept saying she wanted to go to school. Up until today, she kept saying that she wants to go to school. This morning, when she saw daddy bringing Alycia to school, she wept for a good 1 hour as she wanted to follow too. To stop her from wailing, I had to bring her for a short stroll to the sundry shop to buy some eggs. When she came home, Sherilyn was in a bad mood the whole morning and kept asking where Alycia is.

Alycia in her school uniform and bag.

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