Diaper-Free Accident

It has been more than 2 weeks since Alycia has been off diapers during her daytime nap and so far, she’s been good and has not wet the mattress. Yesterday was the first accident. I normally wake her up 1 hour into her nap to bring her to the potty that’s placed next to the mattress on the floor. However, yesterday I got a shock when I touched the mattress and it was soaked! And she had slept out of the plastic mat placed beneath her. The mattress was totally drenched with her pee and since the mattress has been soiled with pee and puke several times already, I threw the mattress away. Today, she has to sleep on my mil’s Japanese Tatami mat and Sherilyn has to sleep on the baby-size mattress from the playpen. I better go and check Alycia and bring her to the potty now. I have no more spare mattresses!

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Maid’s Birthday

Today is my maid’s birthday and I say she’s lucky. Why? Because coincidentally my hubby has ordered a Tiramasu cheese cake from Shangri-La Hotel that’s complimentary for members last night. Members must dine in the hotel to be eligible for the complimentary cake. We only found out that it’s our maid’s birthday today.
Hubby and mil are now enjoying their lunch at the hotel before she returns to Hong Kong this weekend – when 2 dines in the hotel, there’s a 50% discount. When they come back, we will present the cake to our maid and sing happy birthday to her. The gals will love it. They love singing happy birthday, blowing candles and cutting birthday cakes. I have also given my maid some cash in a red packet. Must belanja a bit lar and make her happy. Hopefully she’ll agree to extend her stay with us further after her 6-month extended stay.

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Isu TigaP Lagi

Kalau kamu tak tau lagi, TigaP ini sekarang banyak cari susah dengan belogers. Sekarang mereka mau semua pos bayar dalam belog kamu diikuti dengan satu pos peribadi yang bukan bayar. Walaupun pos bayar tu bukan dari tigaP, kamu mesti taruh 1 pos peribadi selepas semua pos bayar kamu – dari tigaP dan dari syarikat-syarikat iklan yang lain. Buat macam ni, susah sangat kerja dengan tigaP. Kebanyakan belogers kami ni suri-rumah tangga yang ada anak-anak kecil dan sangat sibuk. Dengan polisi baru ini, mana ada masa nak tulis banyak pos bayar dan pos peribadi? Mesti cari jalan baru cari makan macam ini.

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Lunch Box Unveiled….. Again

This is what’s inside the styrofoam lunch box that my mil packed several days ago – wantan noodles with freshly roasted char siew or barbequed pork. This shop near my house sells very tasty wantan noodles and roasted meat (roasted chicken, roasted duck, char siew, siew yoke and roasted intestines). My hubby and I can spend RM30+ just on the assortment of roasted meat for lunch for the both of us.

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Mandarin Class

I really wanted to find out the root of the reason why Alycia has been puking each morning before she went to school. Yesterday evening I asked Alycia if she liked attending her extra Mandarin class and she told me NO, a BIG NO. Aahhh…… could this could be one of the reasons why she puked as she was trying to avoid attending Mandarin class? Mandarin to her is quite like a foreign language for she only gets to practise conversing in it when my mil stays with us and that’s like 3 times in a year. When I asked her further if she likes her regular classes, she nodded and said yes. She also said she likes her teachers and friends. There is even a fat boy who likes her and keeps tickling her and gives her stickers. So I deduce that Alycia feels stress up when she attends a foreign language class. Maybe I should consider pulling her out from the Mandarin class since I don’t even intend to send her to a chinese medium school in future.

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