How We Spent Our Sunday

Today, my mil returned to Hong Kong. Hubby spent the whole morning helping her pack her things and plastic seal some of the local food that she had bought this morning to bring back to Hong Kong. All of us had wantan noodles with roasted char siew and roasted chicken for brunch. After my hubby left the house with mil to the airport, I was so sleepy that I slept on the couch. My 2 gals followed suit with Alycia sleeping on the cold hard floor and Sherilyn sharing the couch with me. We only napped for around 20 minutes. As the gals were hungry, we ate some crackers whilst waiting for daddy to come home to bring us out to Babyland to get some baby stuff. After shopping at Babyland, Alycia wanted to pee, so daddy brought us to Secret Recipe just so she can use the loo. We bought 2 slices of cakes, one healthy High Fibre Cheese Cake and one Classic Cheese Cake. I then wanted to get some buns for Alycia to bring to school tomorrow, so we stopped at Breads 2 Brag at Sri Hartamas but most of the buns were sold off. So I just bought 3 mini hotdog buns and ate in the car. As daddy was feeling hungry, we went to Brian’s Pizza at Sri Hartamas and ordered a thin crust pizza, an Oleo Spaghetti, a beef Bolognaise Spaghetti, a chicken chop and a cup of strawberry yoghurt ice-cream for dessert. Before we headed home, I dropped by the bakery near our house and bought a loaf of walnut bread and 2 croissants for Alycia to bring to school tomorrow. As we are all still feeling full, I shall be making something light for dinner – fried egg with cheese sandwich. What a day of non-stop eating we’ve had.

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Test From God

I had a real test from God recently. There are certain ads that I will not accept to write no matter the amount offered. Over the last 2 weeks, 2 ads on the subject matter that I will not encourage people to get involved in were persistenly being offered to me. The ads first appeared in my account of the first advertiser for almost 1 week at a price that’s slightly higher than the usual amount. Everday as I checked for offers, this particular adv kept staring at me, as if inviting me to accept it. 2 days ago, it appeared again in another advertiser’s account of mine at an even higher amount. Both times, I didn’t accept the offer. This morning, it appeared again in the third advertiser’s account of mine at a price that’s even much higher at USD12 for only 50 words. I was so tempted to accept the offer. I clicked on the opp to have a look at the description and wanted to click on the reserve tab but my strong mind and spirit stopped me from doing so. The opp was later taken up. And I think God rewarded me for passing his test with a long list of assignments from my favorite advertiser.

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