Homemade Maki

My mil made Maki 2 weeks ago. It’s actually quite simple and all the ingredients used are healthy and wholesome stuff. This is also a suitable food for toddlers.

This is what you’ll need :

Japanese rice
Chicken breast – cut them into cubes
Carrots – cut them into cubes
3 eggs
Japanese mayonaise (you can omit this if you’re feeding a toddler)
Japanese cucumber
Seaweed – use good quality ones so that they are crispy and crunchy and easy to bite on when the Maki is ready.
Japanese bamboo mat for making sushi
Crab sticks, Japanese pickles, Unagi (eel), Fish roe (all optional)

Method :

First, cook some Japanese rice. Then,

Pan-fry the eggs and cut the Japanese cucumbers into strips.

Steam the chicken and carrot cubes with a little salt and pepper. Once ready, add them into the cooked rice and mix well.

Place the mixture of rice, chicken and carrots, together with the strips of eggs and cucumber onto the seaweed on top of the Jap bamboo mat. Squeeze in some Japanese mayonaise.

Using Japanese mayonaise gives the Maki a better taste, as compared to using regular mayo as Jap mayo is creamier and tastier.

Rolling the Maki must be done right, otherwise the fillings will be loose and slip out from the seaweed.

Once the Maki is rolled up, cut it into bite sizes.

The bite size Maki ready to be served.

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They Love Swimming

Alycia and Sherilyn love swimming very much. They have had so much fun playing in the oversize swimming pool with daddy at Hilton Sentral when we stayed there 2 weeks back. When my sil returned to Hong Kong, she had left behind the ELC kids’ float for the gals. They didn’t seem to get bored playing with the float the whole day and imagined they were swimming in the pool like this :

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Homemade Chicken Balls

I made chicken balls for dinner yesterday. As Alycia and Sherilyn love meehoon very much, we had meehoon with ABC soup, chicken balls and vegetables for dinner yesterday. It’s another very simple and nutritious meal which kids will love.

Method of making the chicken balls :

Blend chicken breast

Add a dash of sesame seed oil, a little corn flour, salt and pepper to the blended chicken meat and mix well.

Form chicken meat into balls and boil in water. Remove and strain the balls when you see the balls floating in the water.

Make more so that you can deep freeze the balls for future use.

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