Alycia Is A Meat Lover

Alycia my discerning eater loves food. From young, she has always been an easy feeder and has no problem or fuss whenever we fed her porridge. The one food that she hated was cereal (which is the exact opposite of her sister), otherwise, she eats almost everything and has a distinct love for meat of all kinds, especially chicken drumsticks. Several days ago, my mil cooked stewed chicken drumsticks and Alycia was happily savouring the drumsticks. She sucked and licked the bone clean and didn’t seem to get enough of the drumsticks. If only Sherilyn could eat like Alycia, I can then sit peacefully and enjoy my meals.

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Now You See It…. Then It’s Gone

Every Tuesday is 3P’s $1k opp day. Yesterday, I’d seen more than 10 USD50 opps and one USD500 opp but as usual, they were perpetually shaded grey. At around 11pm yesterday, I saw a couple of USD50 opps in white. Woohoo…. I was really excited and quickly clicked on the reserve tab and typed in the irritating codes and as expected…. one minute of hope was fast transformed into dissapointment…. the dreaded red words appeared “sorry, the opportunity link has been reserved.” Damn it! Why must someone always be quicker than me? The opps were there, I saw them appear right in front of my eyes and the next second, they’re gone! I think Tuesdays are more of heart attack days for most bloggers.

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Stewed Chicken

This is another simple yet very tasty chicken dish which requires no frying, another of my mil’s recipe. Even Miss Spity Spat Sherilyn who hates meat loved the chicken! My mil doesn’t have any fixed measurement for the ingredients, she just estimates the ingredients and tastes the sauce as she cooks them.

Ingredients :

Chicken drumsticks (5)

Soya sauce ( I suppose you need around 1 soup bowl. We use organic soya sauce)

Dark sauce (around 1-2 tablespoons)

1 whole garlic

Spring onions

1-2 tablespoons of Rose wine (this makes the sauce fragrant)

Water, enough to cover the drumsticks in the pot

A few pieces of star anise

1-2 tablespoons of ‘far ciu’ (that’s in Cantonese. I don’t know what it’s called in English but it kind of smells and looks like black peppercorns)

A few cubes of brown rock sugar.

Method :

Pour water and all the sauce ingredients into the pot and let them boil in slow fire for 20 minutes. Then, put the chicken drumsticks into the pot of sauce and let them stew for another 20 minutes in slow fire.

Dish out the chicken drumsticks with a little sauce and serve.

Let the remaining sauce cool down and store it in a covered glass ware or ceramic ware. Keep the sauce in the freezer and the next time when you’re busy, you can reheat the sauce and stew another batch of chicken drumsticks or chicken wings in a jiffy.

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