Maid’s Birthday

We celebrated our maid’s 27th birthday last week with a Strawberry Tiramasu cake, complimentary from Shangri-La Hotel. Both my mil and I gave her an ang pow each. As I don’t really fancy cakes, I just ate a tiny slice of the cake whilst Alycia and Sherilyn relished every single bite of the cake, especially the chocolate slices on top of the cake. My maid ate the remaining of the cake all by herself, for days.

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Quality Time

With Alycia attending pre-school in the morning now, I have more quality time spent with Sherilyn. After Alycia leaves the house, I sometimes have a short morning stroll with Sherilyn before having breakfast together. Instead of my maid feeding her, I now feed her breakfast myself. After breakfast, Sherilyn will demand to be read to. I will either read story books to her or read to her from the computer. She has even learnt to press on the page down button on the computer to change pages each time I read to her. After reading, I will have a 10-minute power nap on the couch with Sherilyn lying next to me. She just loves this special ‘mummy-all-to-myself’ time. In the afternoons after the gals have their nap, I will be coaching Alycia in her homework whilst Sherilyn will be drawing. I now have less time to blog but it’s fine as there’s nothing more important than spending quality time with the gals.

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