Homecooked Dish

This delicious chicken dish is yet another of my mil’s recipe. It’s chicken braised with fermented black bean or ‘tau si’ in Cantonese (we use organic ones) and Bombay onions.

Fermented black beans or ‘tau si’ (around 2 tbsps)
2 -3 medium-size Bombay onions
Some ground black pepper

Heat wok with oil and fry Bombay onions until fragrant.
Add in the chicken and fry for another 15-20 mins.
Add in the fermented black beans and black pepper and cook for another 5 mins.
No need to add salt as the fermented black beans are very salty.

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Alycia’s Wierd Behaviour

Lately Alycia has been talking gibberish whenever she’s angry with me for forbidding her to do certain things or when her whimps are not met. It’s scary to hear her talk this way. Her thoughts would then seem incoherent as she rambles on and on. Some words are incomprehensible and some of the things she said are so unbecoming of a little toddler. She would say things like “i will chop off your hands and throw you into the dustbin” to Sherilyn as she smacks her or say such things to me “stop talking to me, I hate to hear this… I will find a new mummy”. She seems to have a Jekyll and Hyde personality coz when she’s good, she’s really as sweet as an angle and when she’s bad she’s really horrid. I just hope this is just another fleeting phase and that she will not grow up to be a wayward child.

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Alycia’s Milestone

Alycia can now do letter tracing pretty well. Her strokes and lines are straight and she can write quite fast too. The only thing that she needs improvement in is the order of her strokes. Sometimes she can be quite pigheaded as she doesn’t like to be corrected. When I correct her, she would make a fuss and refuses to follow but sometimes, she’d be like an angel – sweet as she can be. I really hope she will sail through school in future.

This is what Alycia had done in pre-school.

Alycia doing her homework at home – coloring and letter tracing.

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Really Spooky

This is a backdated post.

This happened several months back when we were back in Ipoh. That night, all 3 of us slept on a queen sized bed in my room. Alycia slept facing the wall, Sherilyn slept in the middle and I slept on the other end of the bed. About an hour after I’d put the gals to sleep, I heard Alycia sobbing softly. I turned to her and saw her hugging her bolster tightly. I asked her if she had tummy ache. She said no. I asked her if she wanted to poo poo, she said no. She continued to sob very softly, as though she’s afraid or in slight pain. I asked her what’s wrong with her. She remained mum. I then brought her to the toilet as I still thought she had tummy ache. As she sat on the toilet seat, she pointed towards the room floor, at the foot of our bed. She said “I saw a woman there”. I tell you, my hair and goosebumps raised instantly. I asked her where and she ran into the room and pointed to the floor. Coincidentally, there was a white paint dot on the floor and Alycia said “the woman is on the white dot”. I then reassured her that she’s just dreaming though I was damn scared myself. After putting her back to sleep, I prayed and prayed the whole night and left the bathroom light on and door ajar.

The next morning, I asked Alycia again what had happened the night before. She could still tell me that she saw a woman. I asked her if the woman was young or old, she said old. What color was the woman, was she white or black, she said white. Long or short hair, she said long. As I interrogated her further, my hair and goosebumps raised further and I felt cold.

In my 5 years’ stay in that house in Ipoh before I moved to KL, I’d never encountered any ghouls or ghosts. I’m not sure if Alycia was merely having a bad dream as she had slept in a foreign room that night. Whatever it is, I believe that if we have done no harm or evil, we should be fearless and I believe that my God is always watching over me and my family. Prayers can counter all fears.

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She Sure Knows How To Subdue An Angry Heart

I’ve posted before that Sherilyn is really good at subduing an angry soul. Whenever she has incensed me, she will surely make me laugh again with her antics. Her latest tactic is saying out loud “mummy I LOVE YOU” or “mummy I WANT YOU” whenever I scold her, without fail. Tell me, would you still be angry if your kid says that to you each time he/she makes you fuming mad?

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Alycia Has Mastered The Mouse

I’ve been reading to the gals from the computer almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. Both the gals have shown great interest in mastering the skill of manoeuvering the mouse and pressing on the keyboard. Whilst Sherilyn has learnt to press the Page Down key to change pages, Alycia has mastered the skill of manoeuvering the mouse. I can even leave her alone to read her favorite online books. She now knows how to click on the right arrow key to change pages, click on the Menu tab to return to the index page and click on the book that she has chosen. That’s really a big achievement for her.

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My Maid

Who do you think sculptured these balloons for the gals? It’s my maid! Not only can she perform her housework satisfactorily, she has also mastered some simple plumbing skills, she can perform simple house improvements, she can draw quite well, she can build really cool robots and helicopters from Lego blocks and now she has even mastered the balloon sculpturing skill and has been entertaining the gals with sculptured balloons when I am busy.

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Alycia’s Snacksbox

This is Alycia’s snacksbox. Though her pre-school provides food during snacks time but I don’t like the idea of her feeding on colored cakes, biscuits with cream and color, jellies loaded with sugar and other junks. So I’m willing to sacrifice 15 minutes of my time each morning to make her sandwiches. Yesterday I made her toasted walnut bread with cheese and homemade pineapple jam. Alycia loves it that I cut the sandwiches into triangle wedges. Sometimes she brings organic crackers or cookies and sometimes when I am lazy, I’d just buy some hot-cross potato buns across the bakery for her.

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Offers Again

One of my favorite advertisers finally released some offers early this morning. After about a week of not hearing from them, they finally released some offers. Was so happy to see the offers appearing one after another though I had to wait for 20 minutes for the offers to appear at 5-10 minute intervals. The hardest part now is having to come up with more than 10 personal filler posts for all my current assignments. I need a strong brainwave now!

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