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Got tagged by cutie Ashley’s mom on my most embarrasing moment.

I was 16 yo then. I was in the lab in my school attending Biology class. I was quite a rebellious child and loved to fool around in class with my classmates, esp. with TheImperfectmom and gang. I didn’t like the Bio teacher as he was very stern, terse, strict and a no-nonsense guy with thick glasses. On that day, I was bored to death and started scribbling some words on the Bio lab table. All of a sudden, I saw him standing next to me. When I peered up, I saw him holding a long ruler in his hand and asked me what I was doing. He looked at the table and saw the mess on the table. So off he went to summon for the disciplinary teacher. Long story cut short, my mom was called to see the disciplinary teacher together with me. I was so embarassed that I boo hoo hooed right in front of them. Luckily my mom didn’t reprimand me for she knew I had served my penance and was embarrased to the core.

I’d like to hear your embarassing story too :



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Today has been a quiet Sunday for the gals and I. We didn’t go to church today as hubby had to be at a client’s function and we are only relying on one car. I had wanted to bring them to the park to watch dogs in training in the morning but when we wanted to leave the house, the big bright sun decided to appear from behind the clouds, so we didn’t make it. Every Sunday dog owners would bring their dogs to the park for them to be trained by professional dog handlers. My gals and I love watching the cute dogs in action. So I just vegetated at home, read to the gals and of course finished off some of my outstanding assignments. My maid cooked fried rice for lunch and later, I’m going to teach her to deep fry some chicken wings and chicken drumsticks. I’ve already marinated the chicken with some Lea & Perrin sauce, salt, pepper and a dash of 5-spice powder. This is going to be our first time trying out this recipe that I’ve whipped up myself. Not sure if the chicken will taste good or not. If they taste good, I shall snap some pix of it and write a post on it. Later if the weather permits, I shall bring the gals out to the park.

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Feeling Thankful

Yesterday evening as I was at the playground with the gals, I saw a boy who’s around 4-5 yo on a play equipment behaving very well. He wasn’t jumping or running around and screaming like most kids there. He just stood on top of one of the play equipment with his dad watching over him closely. At one glance, he looked rather normal but on a second look, I noticed that his fingers were slightly turned inwards and his actions were rather slow. He also couldn’t really talk. I think he must be mentally slow. When I saw him, my heart felt for him and his dad. I then suddenly felt so thankful that I have 2 normal kids who are ever active, mischievous and naughty. I then realized that sometimes many of us have taken what we have for granted. It’s only when we see other people’s misfortunes that we are thankful and grateful to God for what we have.

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Last Day Spent With Mah Mah

The day before my mil returned to Hong Kong, the gals stuck to her like glue as they knew they will not see mah mah for a long time, probably not for the next half a year. This pic was taken the night before she returned to HK. Sherilyn normally lies down on the bed when she drinks her milk but that night, she demanded to be cuddled like a baby on her mah mah’s lap. The next time mah mah comes back, Sherilyn would have grown too big and long to be cuddled like a baby.

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