Deep Fried Chicken Wings and Drumsticks

Remember I mentioned earlier that I will be trying out a recipe on deep fried chicken wings and drumsticks that I have whipped up myself? Well, they turned out really well. The wings and drumsticks tasted really good but I must say that the wings tasted better and more crispy than the drumsticks.

Here’s the recipe :

Ingredients for the marinate:
Lea & Perrin sauce
5-spice powder
Kunyit (yellow ginger) powder

Ingredients for coating the chicken before frying :
2 eggs whites
Some corn flour

Method :
1) Marinate the chicken with the above ingredients for at least 2-3 hours, the longer the better.
2) Before deep frying the wings & drumsticks, dip them into the beaten eggs.
3) Then, coat the wings & drumsticks with corn flour.
4) Heat wok with oil and deep fry the wings and drumsticks.

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What’s That Creature?

When Sherilyn saw this creature gliding up our oven door one morning a few days ago, she went “mummy, what’s that?” When I took a look, I saw a baby snail slithering up the oven. The snail had actually come from a bunch of vegetables that we had bought and left leaning against the oven door. This is the first time Sherilyn had seen a baby snail. More than 20 years ago, the sight of a snail slithering outside our garden was so common. My brothers and I used to play with these snails. We also played with sand, marbles, kites, climbed trees, cycled round the neighbourhood, plucked flowers from our neighbours’ trees, played inside drains, played hopscotch, played ‘kor kuang’ a.k.a. passing the border (LOL!), etc. every evening for hours without the supervision of our parents, yet nothing bad happened to us. Now, if I had left my gals to play outside the compound of our house for more than an hour without supervision, I dread to think what would have happened to them. Times have really changed.

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Alycia Has Fluid In Her Ear

2 days ago, Alycia told me out of the blue that she can’t hear on her left ear. When I looked at her left ear, I saw a slight scratch-like wound. I thought she must have scratched her ear till it bled and I thought she didn’t know how to tell the difference between pain and loss of hearing. I just applied a dollop of Savlon on the wound and the next day, the wound was almost gone.

The next day after pre-school, we went to the mini market to shop for groceries. Out of the blue she said “mummy, my ear can hear again”. Later that afternoon when she woke up from her nap, Alycia said “mummy, my ear cannot hear now”. I suspected something was wrong and immediately brought her to the paed.

Initially the paed couldn’t see clearly what was wrong inside her ears as her ears were filled with golden wax! The dr used a cotton bud and dug out a nugget of gold from her right ear! Upon checking the left ear, the dr saw some fluid inside the ear. The temperature on both sides of the ear was also different. The right ear read 36.7 degrees Celsius and the left ear read 37.7 degrees Celsius. As Alycia has a history of having a sensitive nose which is very prone to allergies, the dr said that there was probably some fluid / mucous from her nose which flowed to her ear. I was very surprised as Alycia appeared perfectly normal without any signs of a runny nose or cold. The dr then prescribed Alycia with a flu syrup, an anti-phlegm syrup (to remove the fluid from her ear), a fever medicine (just in case she develops fever) and an antibiotics (Augmentin). The dr said to only start Alycia with the antibiotics if she still has hearing loss and ear pain the next day (today). So far today Alycia is still acting normal, still active, has not complained of hearing loss or ear pain. I’m praying that the fluid will dry up and that her ear will not get infected. I really do not like the idea of feeding my kids with antibiotics as they weaken the body’s natural immune system.

To parents out there, if your kids complain of hearing loss or ear pain, don’t take them lightly. Bring them to the dr ASAP so that they get checked and treated immediately. Untreated fluid in ears will lead to ear infection and that’s quite serious.

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Tag : I Love Your Blog

I am indeed very honoured to receive this award from this pretty and young mom. This pretty mom who has an adorable 18-mth old son is one very thoughtful and helpful person. Though we have never met but one time she called me from a Mattel warehouse sale offering her help to buy Barbie dolls for my gals. Yesterday, she again offered to help me get Avent bottles and teats from Singapore through her twin sister. Though strangers but only online friends, I can already feel her warmth and friendship. Thanks Leena for your wondership friendship!

I must say I love most of the blogs that I know of, so it’s difficult for me to send this love award to just a selected few bloggers. Thus, I am going to pass this love award ‘verbally’ to all the bloggers whom I know. “I love your blog!” Keep up the good work and keep blogging!

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Nice People

I’ve made friends with some very nice, thoughtful and helpful people through blogging. Most of them I have never met but they have offered me help in many ways. One such person is this mummy who has never failed to check offers for me and even heped to log into my account to reserve offers for me whenever I am out, asleep or busy! We help each other out but she has gone all out to help me. Thank you Barbara!

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