Black Saturday

It was a black Saturday for Sherilyn yesterday. She had a fall once, knocked her chin against a table, got her fingers pinched by a door and had a near miss serious case of having her 4 fingers squashed by the same steel door which broke her thumb last year.

Sherilyn my little fearless samseng was jumping on the couch as if it was a trampoline yesterday. She loves doing that and despite me warning her, threatening her and smacking her for doing so, she is still fearless. I was busy preparing for dinner yesterday when Sherilyn was jumping on the couch. I told her to stop jumping but she wouldn’t listen. Seconds later, I heard a loud thud and she had fallen off the couch, forehead landing on the floor. She bawled but luckily there wasn’t any bruise on her forehead. Less than an hour later, she had forgotten about the fall and started to jump on the couch again, so out came the whip and she stopped jumping.

About half an hour later, I was outside at the wet kitchen trying to shoo a cat away from tearing up the garbage bag. Sherilyn rushed to the kitchen to see what was happening. When I came inside and was about to close the steel kitchen door, I almost wedged 4 of Sherilyn’s fingers on her left hand which she had placed on the back opening of the door, i.e. the exact same place where she broke her thumb when she was playing with the door last year. Luckily, I didn’t shut the door fast enough and my maid was quick enough to pull Sherilyn’s hand away. Phew…. gave me a real fright.

A few hours later, Sherilyn accidentally knocked her chin on the table when daddy was catching her and again, luckily there wasn’t any bruises. Just before bedtime as I was coming into the bedroom from the bathroom attached to my room, I didn’t see Sherilyn behind me and she had placed her right hand on the opening of the door. I shut the door and this time, her fingers got wedged but luckily again, there was no bruise…. she just got a shock and so did I!

What a black Saturday it was and I must thank God that Sherilyn had escaped all the minor accidents unscathed. I hope she has learnt her lessons.

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Lantern Party

Alycia got well in time to attend the lantern party held at her pre-school yesterday evening. There were hundred over people – kids, their parents and maids and the garden of the school was an ocean of human. We had to wait for almost an hour for everyone to arrive before the walk round the neighborhood with the lanterns. Whilst walking, Alycia accidentally tripped and bruised her left knee. She then demanded that daddy carried her like a princess all the way back to her school!

It was the very first time the gals had celebrated mooncake festival in such a grand scale with so many friends. They enjoyed the walk and also the food….food that I rarely feed them with – KFC nuggets, sausages, pizza, fishballs and crab balls, jellies, cakes and fried meehoon.

After the party, daddy brought them to the bakery and asked them to choose a cake. Alycia chosed a cheese cake and we had cheese cake for supper. It was certainly a day of ‘food freedom’ for the gals.

Alycia and Sherilyn waited patiently for the walk round the neighborhood with their lanterns.

Whilst walking round the neighborhood, Alycia accidentally tripped and fell and bruised her left knee.

The girls enjoying their food inside the class.

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Another Piece of Shocking News

I’m sure many of you have read the unbelievable and shocking news of a 10-year old boy who molested a 5-year old girl at a childcare centre here in yesterday’s newspapers. The boy had locked the girl in the bathroom before pushing her down to the floor and molested her. Luckily another kid heard the girl’s screams and alerted the teacher. What made the boy do such a horrible thing? He’s only 10 years old and most boys his age have still not discovered about the birds and the bees yet. I can only surmise that the boy must have had saw his parents’ intimate moments together or he could have caught hold of and watched x-rated movies or porn magazines in his house.

Childcare centres are supposedly safer than homebased babysitters as they are governed by Government acts and rules, yet this unimaginable incident had happened. I’m sure many parents who have no choice but to send their young daughters to childcare centres are now worried sick over this incident. If the caretakers at childcare centres are not careful and vigilant enough, this unwanted incident could have happened again, at any childcare centres. I am thankful I don’t have to send my 2 toddler daughters to a childcare centre but at the same time, I am worried about Alycia’s safety now as she attends a pre-school. Maybe it’s time the relevant authorities put in force certain policies and rules to tighten the safety in childcare centres and pre-schools so that parents can leave their kids there in peace whilst they are away.

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