Fitball Wonders…. Part 2

After just 2 days of exercising my back on my fitball, the pain vanished today! I kid you not, the pain just vanished today. From a nagging jabbing pain on the right side of my back, there wasn’t any pain on my back today. Well, maybe I had slept well last night. Today I did not have enough time to exercise on the fitball as I had to prepare the gals for church in the morning. I’ll see if the backpain comes back or not tomorrow. I’m praying that it will not and will never come back again. I’d better exercise regularly on the fitball, it truly is amazing. If you too have backache, you really have to try arching your back on the fitball. All you need is just 2-3 minutes each day on the fitball. For tips on how to exercise on the fitball, click here. There are demo pix of me exercising on the fitball.

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Tag : Things That Irritate You

Have been tagged by Kerry on the top 8 questions people ask or things that people do that irritate me. I’m quite a diplomatic and friendly person. Though at times there are certain things that people say or ask that really irritate me and piss me off, I’ll still give them a smile…. a forced fake smile but in my heart, I’d be wondering why that person is so insensitive for asking or saying such silly things. And if they probe further or irritate me further, I’ll just tactfully answer them… sarcastically.

Alright, here are the top 7 things (sorry, can’t think of 8) people say or do that irritate and irate me :

1) Alycia is so fair like you, but eermm…. Sherilyn is a bit darker hor, I wonder like who leh? Daddy is it?

2) Alycia has big beautiful eyes but Sherilyn’s eyes are slightly smaller hor, is it like daddy?

3) You have 2 girls. Eh, you must really try for a boy. You’re still young, quickly try for a boy lah.
(I’ll normally tell them I’m very happy with 2 beautiful girls and don’t yearn for a son)

4) When people with very little knowledge on a subject try to tell me what not to do, though they don’t know that I know more than they do.

5) When people ask if I am renting my house or if the house belongs to me.

6) People who behave as if they are high and mighty and make you feel little.

7) Sales people who don’t treat their customers with respect and act as if they are not hard up for your purchase.

Would you like to voice out your grouses too on the things that irritate you?
1) Jo-N
2) Alice

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