Deep Fried Chicken Wings and Drumsticks

Remember I mentioned earlier that I will be trying out a recipe on deep fried chicken wings and drumsticks that I have whipped up myself? Well, they turned out really well. The wings and drumsticks tasted really good but I must say that the wings tasted better and more crispy than the drumsticks.

Here’s the recipe :

Ingredients for the marinate:
Lea & Perrin sauce
5-spice powder
Kunyit (yellow ginger) powder

Ingredients for coating the chicken before frying :
2 eggs whites
Some corn flour

Method :
1) Marinate the chicken with the above ingredients for at least 2-3 hours, the longer the better.
2) Before deep frying the wings & drumsticks, dip them into the beaten eggs.
3) Then, coat the wings & drumsticks with corn flour.
4) Heat wok with oil and deep fry the wings and drumsticks.

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8 thoughts on “Deep Fried Chicken Wings and Drumsticks

  1. very yummy lookin eh, like those mamak style fried chicken.

    anyway, just to let you know, my twin sis comes home so very often, like once every 2/3 weeks . anytime you need anythin avent, just let me know.

  2. Good stuff..! i’ve always love chicken wings.. but i’ve taken to those ready made ones.. that you can microwave .. so i donch have to fry like mad.. 😉

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