Too Much New Zealand Ice Cream

After our lunch at Marco’s Pizzas at Bangsar Village yesterday, hubby proceeded to New Zealand Ice-Cream. He loves to pamper the girls with ice-creams coz he himself is crazy over ice-cream. As for me, I don’t fancy sweet stuff. I used to love ice-cream but lately, the sight of sweet stuff, esp cakes and ice-cream makes me feel jelat. Anyway, I still ordered a cup of passion fruit sorbet ice-cream and shared it with Sherilyn. Alycia had a scoop of macademia nut on a cone and hubby had rum & raisin in a cup. It was only when hubby paid for the ice-cream and got a 30% rebate on our ice-creams that we found out that yesterday being the 30th of the month, all ice-creams, whether eat-in or take-away were entitled to a 30% discount. So hubby bought a pint of macademia and cream ice-cream to take-away and for all the ice-creams that we had eaten and taken away, hubby paid less than RM30. That cost less than the 5 scoops of ice-cream that we had eaten last Thursday when we were at Bangsar Village. So if you’re a fan of ice-cream too, do check out New Zealand ice-cream – their ice-creams are all imported from New Zealand, made of natural ingredients and taste delicious. Try to buy them on the 30th of each month, you’ll save a lot.

Of yes, Alycia ate so much ice-creams (for 2 days) that she now has a slight runny nose 🙁

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