Chinese Remedy For Phlegm

Alycia has a little phlegm, thus the reason why she puked this morning, I reckon. She also has a little tummy upset and indigestion coz daddy has been feeding her with too much ice creams and cakes over the weekend. All these contributed to her phlegm. Daddy never listens to me, he shows his love towards his 2 precious princesses with food and each time, this is the consequence…. sigh…. and he has to spend lots of money on their medical consultation later. Sigh…… what to do, that’s daddy’s way of showing his love!

Each time Alycia has phlegm, she tends to puke and choke easily. My cousin recommended ‘hao zhou san’, a type of chinese medicine made of monkey’s internal organs which she swears by its effectiveness when mixed with pearl powder. I’ve also heard of its effectiveness in a parenting forum but I somehow tend to have qualms about chinese medicine, especially about monkey’s internal organs, eeuuuu!

I know many parents here have been feeding ‘hao zhou san’ to their children and swear by its effectiveness but I’ve also heard of an isolated case which came out in the chinese papers recently that a toddler slipped into a coma as a result of eating ‘hao zhou san’.

Right now, I’m contemplating feeding Alycia with ‘hao zhou san’ and pearl powder but the paranoia in me feels doubtful. Would be glad to hear your stories and experience with ‘hao zhou san’.

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I Need To Breathe Some Fresh Air

It’s been a hectic day for me today. Brought Alycia to the clinic this morning, typed 9 posts today and chatted online with Elaine for almost an hour as she was guiding me in my new blog. Settin up a new blog ain’t easy, luckily Elaine has been super patient with me. Despite her spotting yesterday and today (35 weeks preggy), she still tried her best to help me. I just don’t know how to thank her. Now, I feel a bit dizzy and I need to bring the gals out for a walk to breathe in some fresh air, oopps…. polluted air in the park.

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Alycia Has Super Sensitive Nose

 No wonder she’s always having runny nose. We brought Alycia to the paed again this morning as she has been sneezing and feeling a little under the weather. Also puked this morning. So she didn’t go to school for 2 days since Monday. Her paed said she’s got super duper sensitive nose. She does not have a cold or flu but the sneezing and mucous are caused by her sensitive nose and allergy. Remember the fluid built-up in her ear 2 weeks ago? It’s also caused by her sensitive nose. No wonder she always seems fine one day and the next day, she’ll be sneezing her nose away. Her visit to the paed’s office is almost certain every month caused by her sensitive nose and her paed has been prescribing her with this medicine for her sensitive nose which she has to eat at night for 2 weeks. Today, the paed prescribed her with a nasal spray which I have to spray into her nostrils each night for 1 month. Hopefully the nasal spray will keep her allergy at bay. I really don’t like the idea of spraying some steroid-containing chemical into her nose but looks like we have no other choice coz her visits to the paeds’ office are just too frequent.

Meanwhile, I’d appreciate it if someone would just let me know what food is good for preventing nose allergies. As for other preventive measures, our paed says no air-cond or migrate to a country with cleaner, fresher air!

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Pre-School Fun and Junk Food

One of the things that motivates Alycia to go to school is that she gets to bring her lunchbox filled with her favorite snacks to school every morning. When her classmates celebrate their birthdays, she gets to eat cakes, junk food and bring home birthday packs. Last week, Alycia got this birthday pack when her classmate celebrated her birthday. The birthday pack was filled with MSG, sugar and coloring laden addictives junk food. Sometimes I wonder how some parents think – encouraging their young kids to eat such unhealthy junk food. When she reached home, she was so happy and showed me the birthday pack. I told her she couldn’t eat most of the snacks in there as they are not very healthy but she wouldn’t listen. She was willing to part with a packet of spicy keropok and some biscuits but she wouldn’t want to part with the sweets and jellies. When she was asleep, I quickly hid them.

The other thing that Alycia loves about attending pre-school is that she gets to make crafts. This is what the teacher helped her make last week, a bunny paper lantern.

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Bangsar Village

After our satisfying meal at Marco’s Pizzas and New Zealand Ice-cream, we went shopping for groceries at Village Grocer yesterday. I love shopping at this supermarket as they carry an extensive choice of products and brands that we can’t get from most supermarkets. I love their organic stuff and their fresh fruits and meat. There are goosenberries, raspberries, blueberries and all sorts of exotic fruits on sale. I also love their range of meat – beef, mutton, chicken, fish, etc. Got some Happy Cow cheese wedges for the gals, a pack of organic low-fat cereal for myself, a pack of caffeine-free tea with 5 fantastic flavours for myself, a pack of minced beef patties (which I will fry them tonight), a bottle of organic pomegranate juice with goji berries, acar berries, blueberries, cherries and a few types of organic berries all in one bottle, more cheese crackers for myself and the girls (very unhealthy i know but I love them – they sell a wide range of imported biscuits too), 10 small ‘kam quat’ or tiny mandarin oranges (which cost RM8!) and some fruits and vege.

Before I left, I got a chicken pie and tomato strudel from Hiestand Swiss Gourmet for dinner. Did they taste good? Not that fantastic to me. I prefer the pies from Dome Cafe.

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