I’ve got a surprise for everyone. I’ve kept it for 6 weeks already. I’d actually like to keep the surprise for a little longer but I just feel like announcing the surprise today. If you’re observant enough, you’d have noticed that there have been a lot of changes… changes in me that is, my eating patterns, my exercise, my diet, my mood, etc. Wait, I’ll release the cat out of the bag later today ok. Let me have my lunch first. My maid is frying pumpkin noodles now. I’ll blog about my surprise later. Stay tune k!

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Sherilyn’s Down Too

Remember I posted earlier today that Sherilyn puked in the morning after bawling? After lunch today, she complained of tummy ache and cried. I put her on the potty but nothing could come out. Minutes later, she puked – everything came out. After puking, she was still clutching her tummy and cried. I put on some ‘yuyi’ oil on her tummy and took her temperature. One ear showed 38 degrees celsius and the other ear showed 38.3 degrees celsius. Her symptoms are exactly the same as Alycia – lots of phlegm which induced the vomitting, tummy ache, loss of appetite and general malaise. I think it must be the ice-creams that they have eaten over the weekend – 1 scoop on Thursday and 1 scoop on Sunday. Their little bodies just can’t handle too much of cold stuff and sweet stuff since I hardly feed them these stuff at home? I don’t know. It could be Rotavirus. Anyway, half an hour later, her temperature shot up to 38.7 degree celsius. I quickly gave her a Paracetamol Suppository and sponged her body. I hope she gets better later. Looks like it’s going to be another sleepless night for me tonight – checking temperature, feeding water, sponging body, changing diaper, etc the whole night. Well, no complaints, that’s part of motherhood!

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Tag : Nothing But The Truth

Got tagged by this wonderful and dedicated dad, whose blog I love to read and that’s where I gain a lot of tips and information on parenting.The idea is to tell you things that I don’t like or things that irritate me. Ok, here it goes :

1) I hate people telling me lies.

2) I hate people who ‘blow their own horn or trumpet’ – loud and annoying, sometimes to the extent of belittling other people.

3) I detest men who live off women’s hard earned money.

4) I dislike cheating spouses.

5) I don’t like pushy sales people.

What else? I think I have a lot more dislikes but at this moment, these are all I can think of.

Now, would you like to share what you don’t like too ?

1) Chin Nee
2) Everyday Healy

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Miss Pukey Puked Again

Miss Pukey Puke Sherilyn puked again this mornng. She got scolded by daddy this morning as she was playing with her water tumbler on our bed and spilt water on our bed. I was busy downstairs on my computer trying to book an Air Asia ticket for my maid to go back to Indonesia. When daddy brought her downstairs, she was still sobbing and refused to let go of daddy. She wanted reassurance, lots of reassurance from daddy that he still loves her. When daddy left the house for the office, she bawled and screamed and cried till she puked – the curdled milk that she had drank minutes ago all splat on the floor and the smell of it that wafted through the house was strong enough to make me nauseous instantly.

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Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea

This is the box of caffeine-free herbal tea that I bought from Village Grocer last week. There are 5 packs of flavours inside – lemon zinger, peppermint, sleeptime, chamomile and wild berry zinger. I have not tried all the flavours yet but I find the chamomile very soothing. If you’re looking for caffeine-free tea, do check out Village Grocer. They sell a wide range of them. I did a google search on Celestial Seasonings and found out that their ingredients used are in accordance with the guidelines set by the FDA. Want to know why I’m so into caffeine-free products now? Come back for the updates…….

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First Teeth Toothpaste

Of all the brands of toothpaste, Alycia and Sherilyn still prefer their banana flavored toothpaste from First Teeth. I have 2 brands of toothpaste for them to choose, one is First Teeth, the other is Pureen strawberry flavored but each time, the girls, especially Alycia will request for First Teeth. I’m trying to train her to use cheaper brands of toothpaste but sometimes she will act up and puke the moment the cheaper brand of toothpaste touches her lips. She’s only a toddler yet she already knows how to choose branded stuff. First Teeth costs almost 8 times more than regular brands of toothpaste!

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