Thank You

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who had given me their well wishes, comforting words and prayers. Today, I found out from two of my friends that fetus with dilated kidney is quite a common problem. One blogging mom told me that her gynae also detected from the ultrasound scan that her son had a dilated kidney, even up to the time when she was about to deliver him. After he was born, miraculousy he was fine with no kidney problem. However, in some cases, the child would have kidney reflux and would require antibiotics for the rest of his/her life and in the worst case scenario, surgery is required. Another friend of mine called me today and told me that one of her friend’s baby also had dilated kidney in utero but after the bb was born, she was fine too. Hearing these stories gave me some relief but then again, I still can’t seem to get the worry off my mind.

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Cute Quotes

Sherilyn’s speech is improving everyday. She is now very expressive and loves parroting what we say. She even knows how to scold Alycia when Alycia whines and cries for no reason. Sometimes when Alycia is being naughty and gets scoldings from me, Sherilyn will say this to Alycia “you stubborn girl, stop crying. No reason to cry!” as she wags her forefinger at her sister.

This morning, Sherilyn was feeling a little lethargic and was just lying on the couch the whole morning and refused to budge from the couch. This was the conversation between my maid and Sherilyn this morning :

Kakak : Kay Yi, don’t be lazy. Go upstairs and bathe.
Sherilyn : Are you crazy!

I think she doesn’t really understand what the word crazy means but she sure knows how to answer back in rhyme! Must be all the Mother Goose rhymes that she’s been watching that’s wiring her brain to speak in rhyme!

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We’ve Chosen Yet Another Indon Maid

I’ve just returned from the new maid agency’s office (run by Alycia’s classmate’s parents). Looking at the bio datas of the available maids, we finally selected an Indon maid who looks pleasant and matured. She indicated her age as 26 years old in the bio data but I doubt that’s her real age as she looks like she’s in her late 30s or early 40s. Anyway, looks are very deceiving and can reveal very little about a person, based on my experience with my previous maids. This maid has had 2 years of experience as a domestic maid in Singapore. At least, I don’t have to teach her from scratch the basic household chores. She also indicated in her resume that she has high school qualification which I’m quite happy as I prefer to have a maid who’s more educated.

Well, I’m just praying that she’ll fit in and meet my simple requirements. We have to wait for at least 3 months for the maid to arrive, which means that she’ll only arrive earliest mid January 2008. Luckily my current maid has agreed, albeit quite reluctant to extend her service for another 1 month. My hubby has promised to give her a bonus for agreeing to stay on. And guess how much we have to pay all in for this new maid? Close to RM7k and that includes the agency fee of RM3,600 (agency fee would be RM4,300 for a Cambodian maid), 6 months advance salary for the maid at RM500 per month and some miscellaneous charges. As a goodwill gesture (since we are from the same neighborhood and his son is Alycia’s classmate), we didn’t have to pay the RM280 insurance for the maid.

One worry off my mind now.

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What’s It With The Toothbrush?

I found out recently that one of the reasons why Alycia has been puking in the morning after her milk is because she hates to brush her teeth with toothpaste. I’ve been keeping the toothbrush away from her in the morning and all she needs to do now is just to rinse and gargle her mouth after her milk. But daddy doesn’t like the idea of Alycia not brushing her teeth and going to school with a stinky mouth. He insists that Alycia brushes her teeth, at least without the toothpaste if that’s a bit too much for her to bear in the morning. So yesterday, at the mention of “Alycia, brush your teeth”, she started to fake vomitting. When Alycia saw the toothbrush in my hand, she immediately puked in the kitchen sink! You tell me, did she fake the whole episode or she genuinely can’t stand having a plastic in her mouth early in the morning?

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