Oh No, Not Again Alycia!

It happened again this morning. Alycia was fine in the morning when she woke up – she finished her milk without any fuss, did her poopie business in the loo and then….. just when Alycia saw the toothbrush in my maid’s hand, she started to fake puking again. In the process of faking it, she actually induced the vomitting sensation and puked her stinky curdled milk onto the kitchen sink, eeuuu! I can’t believe Alycia! How can she hate something so much till she has actually developed a phobia just by the sight of it? Daddy was not happy with Alycia, so was I. But what are we to do? Force her to brush her teeth every morning, at the expense of her health? Puking every morning is really unhealthy. Maybe I should just keep the toothbrush away from her in the morning for the time being.

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Site Statistics

Looking at the site stats of my new blog available from the host, I am surprised to see that I have an average of 1,681 hits a day, sometimes the figure reaches 3,700. But what confuses me is the stats also show number of visitors which have a different figure. These are the stats shown for yesterday :

Date : 10 Oct 2007
No. of visitors : 164 (the figure is low here as I still have 200+ visitors to my old blog)
No. of pages :367
Hits : 1879

Does anyone know how to interpret it, i.e. what’s the difference between no. of visitors and no. of hits? What are pages too – is it the number of pages that the visitors had viewed from my blog?

Also, I am surprised to see from the stats that most of my visitors are from Australia (8,444 hits), USA (8,678 hits), Netherlands, Japan, HK and other countries abroad. It surprises me more that hits from Malaysia only stand at 500+. These blogging stats are really mind boggling!

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