Do You Allow Your Maid To Go Out?

My maid asked me yesterday if she could go out with other maids in the neighborhood during the Hari Raya holidays as she has been invited to follow. I could have just said a big ‘no’ to her but I told her to ask Sir (my hubby). Based on experience with my first maid where I had no choice but to leave her alone at home, she has had the time and luxury to go out with other maids when my hubby and I were out for work. Consequently, she turned out to be really rebellious, lazy, kept asking to go out more and one day upon the advice of my neighbor’s maid, put some ‘charm’ and urine into my drinking water which I drank.

It is also the advice of the maid agent never to give this freedom to the maid, unless we are ready to face the consequences. It is also stated in the maid’s contract that they are not allowed to go out during their 2 years’ contract with the employer.

Later when my hubby was back, he told our maid that she can’t go out with her friends during the holidays. He told her that we can bring her out for a feast but going out with her friends whom we don’t even know is a big NO. My maid was obviously very upset with the decision, moreover my hubby told her off rather strictly. I think she later wept in the bathroom. Later, I told my hubby that he should not have been too harsh with her with his words. Feeling a little bad, my hubby then offered my maid an alternative, that is for his staff to drive her out for a shopping spree. She happily agreed and off she went to the new Giant at Bukit Jalil with my hubby’s staff and his wife who is an Indonesian an hour later. My hubby even paid for all her shopping expenses, totalling RM150 for clothes and shoes. That’s our Hari Raya gift to her. Tomorrow, we will also be bringing her out for a feast.

To those of you who have a maid, do you give your maid a rest day in the week though it is stated in the contract that no rest day will be allowed? For those of you who allow your maid to go out, do you see any negative impact it has brought?

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Outstanding Assignments Cleared

I’ve finally completed all my outstanding assignments and only left with 1 that I had received yesterday. It’s a feeling of relief yet itching for more assignments. Have not been receiving many offers for the last few days. It’s funny that when I am bogged down with many assignments, I feel the stress but when I don’t have any, I feel upset and itching to have some. Humans are just never satisfied with what they have! Well, at least today I can start writing more personal posts and spend some time reading to the girls.

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