Our Monday

Despite a rough start for Alycia and us this morning, the rest of the day was nevertheless quite fruitful. After her major temper tantrum in the morning followed by a real good lesson from daddy and mummy, Alycia turned out rather angelic for the rest of today. She did lots of coloring and letter tracing today and was very obedient. Sherilyn also did some letter tracing and she has made some really good improvements in her pencil grip and today, she wrote the letter ‘J’ really well – straight and got the order of the strokes correct. Just a moment ago, she traced the number ’15’. After guiding her hand to write the number, she could remember the order of the strokes and traced the number perfectly well. I’m so proud of her progress.

The gals also had a swell time at a new playground near our house in the evening. The play equipment were new and the slides were almost 1.5-storey high. My 2 samseng gals even had the guts to climb up the iron ladder bars to the top (together with daddy) and went down the winding slides. Every step that they took as they climbed up sent cold shivers down my spine and whilst they had a great time with daddy, I watched nervously on the ground, with my heart pounding away as they climbed each step up the iron bars to the 1.5-storey high slides.

For dinner, we had a piece of pan-fried sirloion steak, a slice of pan-fried fish, stir-fried spinach and lotus root soup. It was just another regular weekday for us but we had accomplished quite a bit.

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Appetizing Dish To Serve With Porridge

Here’s an appetizing dish that goes very well when eaten with porridge. It’s called ‘tau kok lup’ in Cantonese which literally means ‘diced long beans’ in English. All the ingredients in this dish are diced and toddlers will find this dish interesting and appetizing too. Be careful of choking hazard with the peanuts if you’re feeding your toddler.

Ingredients :

Long beans, diced
Carrots, diced
Dried flower mushrooms, diced
Fresh prawns, diced
Dried preserved chinese radish, diced
Chicken breast, diced
Peanuts, roasted in the oven or fried (without using oil) in the wok and skin removed
A dash of sugar, salt and pepper
Some oyster sauce
Chopped shallots

Method :
Pan fry the shallots till fragrant.
Add in all the ingredients (except the roasted peanuts)
Add sugar, salt and pepper and a little oyster sauce
Fry all the ingredients till fragrant and soft (about 10-15 mins)
Store the peanuts separately in an air-tight container and sprinkle the peanuts on top of the dish just before serving.

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Homemade Fish Cakes

This is my all-time favorite dish – pan-fried fish paste / fish cake (‘yue peng’). My hubby usually asks his cook to make the fish paste from ‘kau yue’ or mackeral fish or if she’s busy, he’ll buy them from the pasar malam. I normally use the fish paste to make fish balls to go with noodles or pan-fry them into fish cakes. I normally ask my maid to pan-fry a big batch and I will store them in batches in tiny air-tight containers in the freezer. When we’re too busy to cook, my maid will defrost the fish cakes, make some anchovies soup and we will all eat meehoon with the fish cakes. My gals prefer this kind of simple meal than rice with dishes.

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