A Day Out At Bangsar Village

After lunch at Banquet Restaurant, Bangsar Village on Sunday, daddy brought the gals window shopping. He wanted to buy the gals toys again and as usual, I stopped him. Most of the toys that he had recently bought the gals are now sitting in our storeroom and if he continues to buy more toys, we will soon run out of space to store the toys.  When he dragged the gals into Toys R Us, I dragged them out within 5 minutes. If we continue to stay longer in there, I bet the gals will surely get what they want from daddy.

Before we left, we did some grocery shopping at Village Grocer and Alycia who has been pestering daddy to buy her the Ritz bitz mini cheese sandwiches finally got her wish – daddy bought her 3 packs! On our way home, the gals dozed off in the car and once we reached home, the gals woke up and didn’t want to get back to sleep. I didn’t manage to do much blogging on Sunday as we were out almost the whole day and when the gals don’t want to sleep, I won’t have much time to spend sitting in front of the computer.

See the 2 mini scooters Alycia and Sherilyn were sitting on here? Daddy wanted to buy the gals one of these battery operated scooters from this kids’ boutique named Kids Junk something and again, I managed to stop him. It ain’t cheap and costs a few hundred Ringgit. If he bought the scooter, I bet the scooter will turn into junk in no time, knowing very well my 2 gals.

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